HPI Challenge Germany: The National Final!

Thu, 23rd August 2018



Last weekend 17-19th of August saw the National Final of the German HPI Challenge race series. In this season, there were 82 regional races, 782 starters doing 2164 starts. With these numbers, the organisers claim to run the biggest race series in Europe. The fantastic “Rheinard build” Motodrom in Andernach, which hosted the prestigious ETS race series several months ago, was the venue for the Final.



Fantastic weather (up to 33 deg) and 120 racers provided great racing action during the entire weekend. The #120066 HPI Challenge 36A tire and disc wheel sets were used to keep the racing close and cost-controlled. 





Rookie Challenge 

The Rookie Challenge is for beginners and used HPI Saturn 27T Brushed Motor and the all-new HPI Challenge 36A wheel/tire set. With a fixed gear ratio, the top speed was 30 km/h, providing fantastic racing action from the start to the finish of the last final.

  1. Erik Kilian HPI Sport 3
  2. Christian Erazo Recalde 
  3. Frank Szymanski HPI Sprint 2



Classic Challenge 

The Classic Challenge uses HPI vintage style bodies, wheels and tires for exciting action combined with classic great looks. It uses a 17.5T Brushless Motor in blinky mode and is limited to 39 km/h top speed. The low-grip treaded tires meant that there was plenty of door-to-door driving all weekend!

  1. Valentin Junker HPI Sport 3
  2. Christian Spitzley HPI Sport 3
  3. Manfred Tallen 




17.5T Challenge 

17.5T Challenge was, as always, the most popular class with 50 starters. This class uses an HPI GT body with HPI Challenge 36A wheel/tire set. The specified blinky speed control and the max 1:4,5 drive ratio meant top speed was limited to 50 km/h. Top speeds in all classes were checked with a professional radar gun – the fast racers then got their ratio, motor rpm, etc., checked as it was very important for HPI to provide fair racing, to ensure the HPI Challenge would be fun for everyone.

  1. Dennis Miether
  2. Christopher Buchner 
  3. Thorsten Ulrich 




Stock Challenge

The Stock Challenge, with a 13.5T brushless motor, blinky ESC and open gear ratio is the “Pro Class” in the HPI Challenge. Their top speed was 66 km/h, and many former ETS Stock A-finalists were battling it out, again on HPI Challenge 36A wheel/tire set. With top racers providing exciting action, all eyes were on the track for the final races! 

  1. Patrick Gassauer
  2. Jill Bartsch 
  3. Manuel Wagner 




LMP Challenge

It was last time out for the LMP Challenge, using F1 chassis. The racing was close as usual and we thank all the LMP Challenge racers for making this a special race!

  1. Thorsten Ulrich 
  2. Steffen Stein 
  3. Christian Lütjen 



Junior Challenge

HPI gives special attention to the youngsters under 16, as they are vital for our hobby and sport. The Top 3 under-16 racers of the season from each region were awarded vouchers of 300€, 200€ and 100€ to get HPI and Futaba products, thanks to Ripmax Germany. 


Prizegiving Ceremony

HPI Racing and Ripmax Germany provided race winners and podium places in all the classes with wonderful prizes!






Regional Champions

The top racers from each HPI Challenge region across Germany had their moments on the podium as well! 







Everyone at HPI Racing and HPI Germany would like to thank the dedicated racers, participants and family members that made this year's HPI Challenge German series so special and exciting! 

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