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Mon, 21st August 2017


Recently, HPI took the opportunity to get the iconic HPI Racing logo redesigned - PopBangColour style!


PopBangColour is Ian Cook, an artist based in Coventry, England, who paints purely using radio-controlled cars! 



Ian's unique style requires that he uses ONLY model cars - RC cars, to be exactly - when painting his work. The "brush strokes" you see are actually tire tracks of the cars he uses in each piece of art.


As you can see, the PopBangColour studio is full of cars of all types and sizes, including many parts from full-size racing cars! 


Ian loves HPI cars because they're available in a range of sizes and the licensed replica body styles are the perfect fit for his work with many full-size car manufacturers and racing teams! 



Ian is based just outside the city centre of Coventry on the outskirts of Birmingham, England - the PopBangColour studio is right next to student housing for the local university. With the headquarters of both Jaguar-Land Rover and Peugeot-Citroen nearby, it's an area heavy with motoring heritage and engineering know-how - plus the immediate area has a young, funky vibe that is the perfect place for PopBangColour! 


With a short tour complete, a huge sheet of thick paper is taped to the floor so Ian can begin creating another masterpiece! 


Laying down various colors of bright paint, Ian begins spreading the paint around using different HPI cars - starting with the 1/10th scale #114350 RS4 Sport 3 (fitted here with the teal/blue #109760 Falken GT3 911 RSR body). 


As you can see, it makes the cars quite messy!

And remember: ONLY HPI cars will be used to create the artwork! 


The Q32 cars didn't escape the paint when it came to the detail work!


The Q32 Trophy Truggy is the perfect size to start blocking in the black around the lettering.


Now that the letters are finished, it's time to attack that hex logo!


With the logo complete, it's time to get the HPI family of cars around the completed artwork! These were the only "brushes" used to create the masterpiece!





Thanks so much Ian, for your amazing recreation of the HPI Racing logo!


Check out more of Ian's work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


Do you want to get your own, super-limited edition banner or print with the PopBangColour-ified HPI Racing logo? Stay tuned...

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