2010 Baja Finals a LARGE-SCALE SUCCESS!

Mon, 6th September 2010

We are very happy to report that this year's Baja Finals went down really well, with all the teams enjoying themselves and having a great time! Twelve teams made it to the 12-hour Baja Finals at the very nice RACO2000 track in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with some teams arriving as early as Thursday to check out the track and visit Amsterdam, which was just 45 minutes away.

Friday consisted of the tyre and T-shirt handouts, followed by an inspection of each car to be raced and a shirt driver briefing. The 2-hour practice session ran smoothly, quickly followed by an hour of qualification. The entertainment Friday evening consisted of a meal at a huge Chinese/Japanese buffet, with custom-cooked wok cuisine, sushi and more. Saturday morning, all the teams arrived fresh and early for the 9 AM start - but before the race could get under way we had the group picture and individual team photos for everyone. The race was started LeMans-style, with mechanics running across the track to start the cars. For the first few hours the top five teams were separated by no more than 5-10 laps, making it a very close race between two teams from Holland, the Hungarian team (which won this race in 2008), the team from Denmark and the German team! By the midpoint of the race, 6 hours in, Holland team 1 and Holland team 2 were neck-and-neck with Hungary, always within just a few laps of each other! The Danish and German teams had suffered with minor problems and had fallen back slightly but were locked into their own battle for fourth, within 10-12 laps of each other the whole time. Further down the order, the two teams from the United Kingdom were locked together and swapping places while the Slovenians were anxious to make up laps for their early problems, the Swedish team was trying to stay ahead of the third Holland team (running a Baja 5T!) and the two French teams were trying valiantly to make up time to the other teams. In the last couple of hours, Holland team 2 was able to edge out an advantage over Hungary, who was many laps ahead of Holland team 1. The Danes had to change their clutch late in the race, giving fourth to Germany. The 2010 Baja Finals Result: 1. Holland1 2. Hungary 3. Holland2 4. Germany 5. Denmark 6. UK1 7. UK2 8. Sweden 9. Holland3 10. Slovenia 11. France1 12. France2 We'll have a complete race report, with hour-by-hour updates, plus MANY pictures, very soon!

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