LRP Baja Challenge Round 3 Results

Thu, 16th July 2009

HPI Baja Cup 2009 coming to its next to last round! Next weekend the Baja Cup 2009 goes into the fifth round! The season winner will get an absolutely fantastic reward – starting for Germany at the HPI Baja Final 2009. Additionally, the winner gets a Baja SS, sponsored by LRP!!

Slowly the HPI Baja Cup 2009 season is coming to the end. Three out of five rounds have already been run and a tendency can be seen who will be starting for Germany at the European final in September at the Nürburgring. Best chances for Tim Kunz who already won several events, but his strongest chasers Patrik Willms and Günter Hemmerling won't give up until the end. The third event was held on 13.06.2009 by Ackermann-Modellbau with support from LRP electronic. It was run on the newly build Off-Road track in Hütschenhausen. This high-speed track with four straights, a double-jump and several tables had everything you need. With 19 competitors in this round a new record of entrants was set. The race in Hütschenhausen After drivers briefing and technical control of the cars the qualifying was started. Each group had three heats to achieve the best result. During the qualifying top-speeds of 60km/h were measured. The top three divers were able to do 20 laps in 10 minutes. The fastest laptimes were set by Jean Knüppe - 28,03s, Majuran Ravindran - 28,55s and Patrik Willms - 28,60s. At 3 p.m. the 20 minutes C-final was started. There were also two ladies going to race in this final. They both went on a race-track with their Bajas for the first time and did a good job. It was Ivana Aksoy fighting with Rainer Gersdorf for victory during the whole final. In the end Gersdorf showed some impressive jumps and was able to keep his lead. So we really saw a thrilling race with a happy winner. At the start of the B-final the first three spots were taken by Gunnar Heise, Andreas Flaccus and Jan Ackermann. During qualifying Heise showed that he had the speed for the A-final but was unlucky with technical problems and lapping other drivers. So he just made it to the B-final. In both finals he lapped every other driver at least once. With this performance he could have been fighting for victory in the A-final. Tim Kunz, Patrik Willms and Marcel Mann were the fastest drivers in qualifying. So they hat the top spots for the A-final. The first final saw a head-to-head race between Kunz and Willms. After 10 minutes Willms was only two seconds behind leading Kunz. Then Willms had problems with his rear shock and Kunz was able to pull away of the pack. With only two minutes to go Kunz had to capitulate because of a damaged servo. So it was Günther Hemmerling who won the first final. The second final was quite similar: Kunz and Willms fighting hard for the lead. Kunz who is the current leader in the season-chart had to win this race to keep his chance of winning the day’s contest. Willms again had some problems and was thrown back on fourth position. In the end it was Kunz winning this final in front of Hemmerling. So it was the third final which had to bring the decision for the day. The track conditions changed heavily. Lots of deep holes on the complete track made it very hard to set fast times. Within the first ten minutes Kunz, Willms and Hemmerling were able to get away from the other drivers. The three drivers were very close together and every small mistake could have brought the decision. Kunz was trying to stay in lead. Willms and Hemmerling were attacking him again and again but had problems with the track causing their Bajas to roll. Kunz was able to pull away 15 seconds but he had a short radio interference allowing Willms to pass. All three drivers won one final and had a second place as second best result. So it was the number of laps that made Tim Kunz win the day-s contest. Overall result HPI Baja Cup - round 3 Position Driver Team 1 Tim Kunz Ackermann Modellbau 2 Patrick Wilms MAC Hütschenhausen 3 Günther Hemmerling MAC Hütschenhausen 4 Michael Schorr Ackermann Modellbau 5 Marcel Mann RC Gevenich 6 Majuran Ravindran MAC Adenau 7 Florian Gevenich RC Gevenich 8 Gunnar Heise MAC Hütschenhausen 9 Jean Knüppe LRP-Team 10 Jan Ackermann Ackermann Modellbau The entire result can be downloaded here! (PDF) If you do not own a Baja yet: At this round a "Baja-Taxi" was run. This taxi allowes you to take part at a Baja Cup without having a car. If you are interested please contact Let's go to the next round! If you do not want to miss that adventure you should come to Kemfeld on 18.07.09. No matter if you want to race or if you want to watch you will have a fine day. The HPI Baja Cup in Kemfeld - an absolute must for everybody who loves this sport. All you need is a Baja 5B and high spirits. Just come with your friends, family or alone. Only the HPI Baja 5B in its different versions is allowed. Additionally only several tuning parts are allowed. 18.07.2009 Kemfeld; Club: MAC Idar-Oberstein 22.08.2009 Gipperath Further information (incl. the overall-chart) can be found at: Important technical rules: Download Here! The HUGE final We all still have it in mind - it was the biggest RC-event of the past summer. Baja owners all over Europe were anxious for the Baja 5B Endurance Challenge Final 2008. After a hard and sometimes exhausting qualification 16 teams made it to final which was held close to Barcelona in Spain. In the end of a fabulous 12-hours Off-Road battle it was the Team from Hungary that took the victory. They proofed to be the cleverest, toughest and most resistant team. You want to refresh your memories? You can find the detailed video here. Of course we will have such a fantastic event this year too. The HPI Baja Endurance Challenge will be held from 04. to 06. September. The year 2009 brings a lot of changes: everything is going to be BIGGER - more strain, more racing-action and an incomparable venue! Some short details: Nürburgring Nordschleife, 24 hours racing, 30 teams, Baja 5B Buggy and 5T Truck and 1:1 Off-Road arena! You don’t want to miss that unique happening and you want to conquer the Green Hell with you Baja? Then you have to qualify by racing in the HPI Baja Cup 2009. The overall champion together with his team will be the official entrant for Germany. There is still a small chance that Germany as host might get one or two additionally starting positions. Let's go! Further information about the HPI Baja Endurance Challenge can be found here.

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