HB D8 & D8T Dominate on HB Tyres!

Tue, 16th June 2009

Leisure Hours R/C Raceway in Joliet, Illinois - May 31, 2009 HB Dominates both Buggy and Truggy while using the all new HB tires! HB factory driver Jesse Robbers has just added yet another victory to the all-new Hot Bodies tire line that is already taking the highly competitive 1/8th buggy racing world by storm!

The ROAR Nationals Warm-Up Race combined some of the top racers from across the nation and some extremely mixed and challenging track conditions, so the correct tire choice for the forty-five minute long A-main was crucial. For his Hot Bodies D8 buggy, Jesse opted for the HB Khaos tires, which provided him with plenty of traction and the longevity needed to put the power to the ground and declare yet another victory for Team Hot Bodies. Lapping the field Jesse did not stop there though, he also used new prototype HB Block Truggy tires, to take his all-new Hot Bodies D8T a whole 91 laps, a full lap over second position, at the recent 2009 ROAR Nats Warm-up Race. Congrats to Jesse on taking home the gold in both classes with his Hot Bodies vehicles and tires! Get Jessie's D8 and D8T setups here! Jessie's Winning D8 Setup His Winning D8T Setup HB Block tyres work great on a variety of surfaces, from hard-pack dirt to grass and astroturf. 67769 HB BLOCK TIRE (RED/1/8 BUGGY) 67756 HB BLOCK TIRE (WHITE/1/8 BUGGY) 67759 HB BLOCK TIRE (BLUE/1/8 BUGGY) HB Khaos tyres are ideal on nearly all dirt surfaces in a variety of conditions. 67757 HB KHAOS TIRE (RED/1/8TH BUGGY) 67760 HB KHAOS TIRE (WHITE/1/8TH BUGGY) 67770 HB KHAOS TIRE (BLUE/1/8TH BUGGY) Buggy A-Main results Robbers, Jesse 88 laps 45:10.917 Stough, Josh 88 laps 45:15.713 Wheeler, Josh 87 laps 45:16.587 James, Taylor 87 laps 45:23.022 Hudson, Jason 86 laps 45:13.572 Kvidera, Jimbo 84 laps 45:07.921 Goff, Kai 84 laps 45:14.130 Crosley, Cory 84 laps 45:29.508 Phend, Dakotah 83 laps 45:23.546 Wilson, Kevin 81 laps 45:01.096 Due, Chad 68 laps 44:26.600 Maifield, Ryan 63 laps 32:47.321 Welch, Kendal 47 laps 45:19.058 Truggy A-Main results Robbers, Jesse 91 laps 45:21.330 Wheeler, Josh 90 laps 45:15.821 Kvidera, Jimbo 87 laps 45:04.474 Ford, Josh 86 laps 45:24.560 Guidry, Derek 85 laps 45:26.650 Drimel, Tony 80 laps 45:02.513 Cramer, Scott 77 laps 45:04.126 Borchert, Mark 75 laps 45:05.819 Maifield, Ryan 59 laps 36:03.686 James, Taylor 39 laps 19:50.900 Phend, Dakotah 38 laps 19:34.814 Sonny OH! 28 laps 15:23.697 Welch, Kendal 25 laps 16:15.322

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