The HPI Challenge Euro Finals 2005 Has Started!

Sat, 24th September 2005

Hello everyone from Holland, we are here Live at the EVMC race track in Velp for the HPI Challenge Euro Finals 2005 and we are all having a brilliant time in the warm sun, except for 2 drivers who have already been disqualified! The qualifying is on its way and after 2 rounds there is already a gap appearing between the front markers and the back makers, with Germany taking the lead with 3 provisional poles, Hungary 2 and UK 1... Electric GTI - Hochwald Lukas (Germany) Super Electric - Kramer Andy (Germany) Nitro Modified - Kunz Sebastian (Germany) Electric Sport - Major Peter (Hungary) Nitro Stock - Herczeg Gyoz (Hungary) Electric Pro - James Hart (UK) For full Live listings of all qualifications please click here Live Results

Now news on the disqualifications, after the first round of qualifying our technical inspectors noticed that 2 drivers were using illegal motors and after discussions with the 3 stewards and the team leader the decision was taken to disqualify them from participating in any of the races in the HPI Challenge 2005. Hard but rules are rules and everyone has to obey by them. However lucky, the disqualifications hasn't dampened the mood as everybody is working hard on their cars and also taking time out to enjoy the spectacular atmosphere we have here with the sun shining and the barbecue burning!

Stay tuned for some more live news, because later in the day we will be holding our special event the Endurance Race a first for HPI Challenge, so you don't want to miss that!

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