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#15201 - Nitro Star K4.6 mit Seilzugstarter

4.6cc/ABC/8 Kanaele/8.5mm Kunststoff Schiebevergaser/lila Aluminium-Kuehlkopf/Heckauslass/Nr.5 Gluehkerze

Eingestellt, Ersatzteile: #111595, #1495

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Available from HPI Racing, the Nitro Star K4.6 engine, capable of propelling the Savage monster truck to speeds of 44 mph and wheelie off the line. The K4.6 is a 4.6cc (.28 cubic inch) big block engine that features a machined billet aluminium heatsink head for extra cooling, dual bushing aluminium connecting rod, true ABC chrome sleeve construction for durability, and a three needle 8.5mm slide carburettor with a composite body for better performance at higher temperatures.

The carburettor features a factory re-set line on the high speed needle and “flushed” needles that make re-setting the carburettor to the baseline factory specifications quick and easy. This powerful new engine has 10% more displacement than our Nitro Star S-25 engine and is rated at 2.9 horsepower! This is a direct bolt-in replacement for the 21BB and S-25 engines; we recommend 17/47 gearing to prevent excessive wheelies. A pullstarter is standard equipment, and the K4.6 is compatible with the #87126 Roto Start System and #87127 Roto Start Backplate.

Nitro Star K4.6 technical data

  • Size: 4.6cc (.28cubic inch)
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 2.9 @ 35,000
  • Maximum RPM: 39,000
  • Bore: 18.6mm
  • Stroke: 16.9mm
  • Construction: ABC
  • Heatsink Head: Purple Anodized Machined Aluminum
  • Carburetor: 8.5mm Composite Slide Carb
  • Carb Adjustments: 3 Needle, Flush Settings
  • Case: Silver Aluminum, Rear Exhaust
  • Connecting Rod: Dual Bushing
  • Sleeve: 8 port
  • Starting system: Pullstarter
  • Recommended Glow Plug: #1504 Cold-R5 Power Plug

Please see our Roto Start Compatibility Guide to find the right Roto Start system for this engine.

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