NEW Range of Pro-Series Silicone Oils and Grease

Tue, 13th December 2022


A new range of HPI Pro-Series Silicone Oil is available for racers and hobbyists to refill and rebuild their shocks and differentials. This pro-grade oil is manufactured for resistance to temperature variations and weather conditions. A full set of matched shock & diff oils is available now to ensure you have consistent action with no guesswork needed!


Supplied in clear squeeze bottles with twist-seal dropper tops, the oils in the Pro-Series Silicone Shock & Diff Oil range are easy to apply in shock bodies and diff cases of all sizes. The large 60cc size will let you service a huge number of HPI vehicles for many services over the life of your car or truck! 


  • Pro-Series Heavy Duty Silicone Shock Oils for rebuilding oil shock dampers
  • Pro-Series Heavy Duty Silicone Diff Oils for servicing gear differentials
  • Convenient twist-top dropper bottles
  • Clear container to easily observe the oil level
  • Large 60cc size to service multiple vehicles

Clearly marked with CST units for easy comparison with any oils using industry-standard CST markings


#160381      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 100Cst (60cc)
#160382      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 200Cst (60cc)
#160383      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 300Cst (60cc)
#160384      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 400Cst (60cc)
#160385      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 500Cst (60cc)
#160386      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 600Cst (60cc)
#160387      Pro-Series Silicone Shock Oil 700Cst (60cc)


#160388      Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 1,000 (60cc)
#160389      Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 3,000Cst (60cc)
#160390      Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 5,000Cst (60cc)
#160391      Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 10,000Cst (60cc)  


#160393 Pro-Series Heavy Duty Grease in a 10g tub - plenty for re-greasing critical points such as internal gears, CV joints and more! This is a high-mass, extra-sticky grease that is an exact match for the kit standard grease used in all HPI RTR vehicles. 

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