1/10 Buggy轮毂和轮胎

#112825 - 前轮圈 (黄/2PCS)


#112825 - 前轮圈 (黄/2PCS) #112827 - 后轮圈 (黄/2PCS)



Optional wheel set for the Crawler King RTR with 1973 Ford Bronco Body. These wheels are a standard 2.2" truck design and feature a mock bead-lock pattern on the outer rim. Also available in the...

1/10 方程式轮毂和轮胎

#102824 - FT01 WHEEL SET (BLACK/FRONT 2pcs/REAR 2pcs)

Have extra sets of tyres on hand for instant fine-tuning of your Formula Ten with a set of spare wheels! These are the standard wheels included with every Formula Ten kit, available separately...

1/10 卡车轮毂和轮胎

#105280 - WARLOCK WHEEL BLACK CHROME (2.2in/2pcs)

These ultra-functional wheels are inspired by the 1:1 Warlock off-road truck wheel manufactured by AXIS. This version of the Warlock is scaled down from the Savage X size and measure 2.2 inches...

1/10 短卡轮毂和轮胎

#106189 - MK.8 V2 WHEEL MATTE CHROME(4.5mm OFFSET/2pcs)

The new V2 short course wheel range from HPI simplifies tire assembly and adds extra tuning power to your racing arsenal! This new design uses the same HPI and HB tires and foams that fit the...

1/10 纯十级轮毂和轮胎

#3928 - WHEELS FOR RC PORSCHE CARRERA RSR (1973) 6mm/2pcs

Get the real, vintage True Ten scale look with these replica 70's style wheels for the Porsche Carrera RSR bodyshell! Available in 0mm and 6mm offset for use with the front and rear of the...

1/10 房车轮胎


The all-new LP-series wheels and tyres offer RC modelers a whole new look and style for cool scale detail! The LP-series tyres are super-low profile to get the slammed look of the latest...

1/10 房车轮毂

#33473 - VINTAGE Wheel CC Type 31mm CHROME(6mm OFFSET/2pcs)

Go back in time with our Vintage 8 Spoke Wheels! These very cool wheels will fit 26mm and 31mm tyres like our #4793 or #4797 Vintage Racing Tyres and look just fantastic when combined with the any...

1/12 短卡轮毂和轮胎

#103037 - ST-8 WHEEL MATTE CHROME (0mm OFFSET/2pcs)

Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. See below for kit reference. Also available in black! #103039 ST-8 Wheel Black (0mm OFFSET/2pcs) Fit the Yokohama Geolandar M/T tire

1/18 平路车轮毂和轮胎

#114382 - MICRO DRIFT TIRE SET (17.5MM/4PCS)

With the Micro Drift Tyre Set you get a complete set of long-wearing ultra-hard compound drift tyres that allow you to slide your way into hours of fun! Combine with #73419 Solid Drive Set for the

1/5 Baja轮毂和轮胎

#4834 - DIRT BUSTER BLOCK TIRE S COMPOUND (170x80mm/2pcs)

Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. The Dirt Buster rear Block tyre in S Compound is the perfect all-terrain pattern and compound for the Baja 5B! It fits easily on the

1/5 卡车轮毂和轮胎

#108323 - TR-10 GLUE-LOCK WHEEL GUNMETAL (120x60mm/2pcs)

These 10-spoke wheels are made from tough high-impact nylon and are available in your choice of black, gunmetal and chrome to help you match your paint scheme and add a custom look to your truck...

1/8 Buggy轮毂和轮胎

#67681 - HB GRIDLOCK (2pcs/Red/1/8th Buggy)

The HB Gridlock is the best choice for a huge variety of racing conditions! The Gridlock is the ideal tyre to bridge the gap between the HB Khaos and Megabite tyres. It features taller blocks than

1/8 大脚车轮毂和轮胎

#105801 - WARLOCK轮圈 黑色电镀(83x56mm/2pcs)

忠实还原来自AXIS的1:1 Warlock卡车轮圈,尺寸为83x56mm/17mm结合器。偏距值与标准Savage轮圈相同。

更多关于AXIS的信息请点击: www.axiswheels.com 5种颜色可选 #3190 Warlock白色轮圈(83x56mm/2pc) #3191 Warlock黑色轮圈 (83x56mm/2pc) #3192 Warlock电镀轮圈...

1/8 场地卡车轮毂和轮胎


Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. See below for kit reference.

Designed for a perfect fit with the #101157 Shredder truggy tyre!

1/8 短卡和沙漠卡轮毂和轮胎


Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. Officially licensed Yokohama Geolandar replica tyres.

Must be used with AH-64 WHEEL:

#107384 - AH-64 WHEEL...