Our Favorite Venture Driving Videos!

Fri, 9th March 2018

We love seeing what HPI fans get to do with their cars and trucks - and Venture owners have been taking their trucks on drives through some truly stunning scenery! From boggy creeks to sunny mountainsides, we've watched the Venture FJ Cruiser drive through some of the most beautiful places on earth!

Here's a few of our favorite videos we've seen online - and for the most part the trucks in the videos are completely stock! 

Crawl Space South in Colorado shows the Venture tackling some really steep terrain while it shows off its flex! Although there's no music (or spare tire!) this is a fantastic crawling video! 

RC Buzz shows a totally stock Venture tackling a huge rockfall and sandy transitions onto smooth rock - great terrain for a torture test! 

Matt from RC Overload took his Venture out for a first drive and shares his thoughts about the Venture's performance partway through:

YouTube RC pro Matteo from Switzerland shared the most amazing mountain driving footage in his first Venture driving video, and in this one takes his slightly modified Venture completely off-road on onto some very wet and dark trails!

CompetitionX was one of the first with a driving video of the Venture out in the wild, and it remains one of the most popular Venture videos around!

The RC Sparks channel showed off one of their Venture trucks in completely stock form tackling a massive pile of rocks! In addition to showing the capabilities of the box-stock Venture, this was is very helpful for anyone new to rock crawling! 

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