HPI Poland Challenge Round 5 - at a shopping mall!

Thu, 29th September 2011

On 17th and 18th September 2011 in Manufaktura in Łódź, HPI Poland have hosted the 5th round of the HPI Poland Challenge 2011. Sunny and clear weather on Saturday allowed competitors to get used to track with lots of practice time. The track was pretty large and had a long sweeper corner, a few hard turns as well as tigh chicanes.

At the beginning the drivers were concerned about the on-road character of the track, but after few test laps they noticed that track is massive and very fast! It was a nice experience to see how the suspension of the Baja 5B buggy and Savage monster trucks works in tight corners. Races of each class drew in spectators intrigued by the noise, but the most spectacular show was petrol large scale run in the middle of shopping mall!

The event was more successful than we expected it to be, and we had many comments from the surprised spectators, as well as the competitors, asking us when there will be another edition of the HPI Poland Challenge.