Check out the Cyclone Drift Supercar!

Fri, 11th May 2007

Want to drift like an true drift king? Watch our own drift master, Yodo from HPI Japan, control his Cyclone supercar with just a few options and plenty of mad skills! You too can build up an apex-smashing, slideways mastering monster with a selection of HPI and Hot Bodies parts! Drifting is hot in Japan, with drivers able to combine stylish concours skills with sweet, slow drifts. Why would you want to go straight when you can go SLIDEWAYS?

HPI offers great ready-to-drift packages like the E10 Drift, Sprint 2 Drift RTR, Sprint 2 Drift kit and Micro Drift RTR cars. You can also use a HB66403 Cyclone S or HB66406 Cyclone S RTR to begin with, then add lightweight options as your skills improve! Watch this video of HPI Japan's Yodo, and prepare to be amazed by the control and accuracy he has with his car! Check out Yodo's full drift supercar setup! HB55400 Cyclone #80588 D-Box Drift Assist #6557 Titanium Drift Spring 14x27x1.8mm 9coils (Red/2pcs) #4402 Super Drift Tyre 26mm Radial (A Type) #3845 TE37 wheels, 6mm offset #7312 '98 Subaru Impreza #85197 Wing Set HB61086 Front Solid Axle (fitted in rear) HB70725 Center Pulley (16T) HB70735 Copper Sway Bars The Cyclone is the perfect starting point, the lightweight chassis and permanent 4WD make for an ideal drift machine! Next up, you'll need the right treads to get around the track fast, but with exactly the right amount of grip and slip so you can control your car properly. The #4402 Super Drift Tyre 26mm Radial (A Type) are rubber-based drift tyres that allow advanced drift car drivers to swing their cars quickly from side to side but give them enough speed to get to the next corner quickly! Mounted on #3845 TE37 wheels, they give Yodo all the control he needs and more. The wide 6mm offset of the wheels widens the track of the Cyclone to fit the 190mm wide #7312 '98 Subaru Impreza perfectly, providing a 'widebody' look that can't be matched in any other way! Finishing off his car is the #85197 wing set! Fitted to the rear of the car, the HB61086 Front Solid Axle combine with the HB70725 Center Pulley (16T), HB70735 Copper Sway Bars and #6557 Titanium Drift Springs (Red) to provide the right amount of grip and control for Yodo's wild drifting style. The final addition is the #80588 D-Box, which provides exactly the right amount of countersteering needed to kiss every apex perfectly and can be tuned for different grip levels. Watch the video here! Yodo's amazing drift control and superior skill speaks for itself! The video also shows you just how easy it is to install and set up the D-Box, so you too can drift like a master! We'll have many more follow-up videos and articles showing how YOU can drive like a Drift King!