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#MV24125 - Aluminium Servo Horns (Blackout MT)

Improve the durability of your Blackout MT while adding some extra style with extra-tough Maverick aluminium parts! Stylish and effective, these are a fantastic way to add some style and toughness to your Blackout MT.

#MV24120 Aluminium Servo Mounts (Blackout MT) #MV24121 Aluminium Servo Saver Set (Blackout MT) #MV24122 Aluminium Body Post (Blackout MT) #MV24123 Aluminium Front Sus.Arm Holder (Blackout MT) #MV24124 Aluminium Rear Sus.Arm Holder (Blackout MT) #MV24125 Aluminium Servo Horns (Blackout MT) #MV24126 Shock Absorber Protective Caps 4 Pcs (Blackout MT) Also available are high efficiency Universal Driveshafts for extra speed and power: #MV24119 Universal Drivshafts Pr (Blackout MT) #MV24130 Centre UJ Driveshaft Fr 172mm (Blackout MT)

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