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The Drift Edition Cyclone for Furious Sideways Action! If you're into driving with style, total freedom, and looking great as you go around the track, drifting is just the thing for you! Drifting is the ultimate expression of motorsports individuality and mayhem while staying on all four wheels! With the Cyclone S Drift, you get the easiest way to get into the crazy world of RC drifting! The Cyclone S Drift kit gives you style, power and performance straight out of the box. Awesome officially licensed replica bodyshells of the hottest drift cars with genuine Art Factory drift-style decals show off the latest in motorsport fashion, while official Volk TE37 replica wheels finish off the amazing scale looks. Finally, with the Cyclone S chassis you get the world-beating design of the Cyclone Moore-speed World Championship Edition! Full adjustability and race-winning efficiency and performance put you ahead of the competition!

It's easy to transform the look of the Cyclone S Drift: just drop on a high quality HPI officially licensed bodyshell from import legends like Honda, Toyota, Nissan and others, or bolt on a set of slick JDM (Japan Domestic Market) replica alloy wheels to complete the outrageous drift style! You can also add on a wide array of bright aluminium and extremely cool woven carbon fibre options to highlight the chassis. A huge amount of cool Cyclone performance options are available from Hot Bodies and HPI Racing, including: titanium drift springs, different compounds of drifting tyres, lightweight woven graphite shock towers and chassis parts, plus racing performance parts like a one-way diff and spool! The Cyclone S Drift is a fun, exciting car that is made for the wild and crazy exhibitionist in every RC enthusiast. With cool and authentic custom looks and the ability to completely upgrade it to full grip race spec, you can take this machine from the street to the track in no time!
The Hot Bodies team takes part in full-size drift events around the world, showing import car fans and newcomers to the RC hobby just how much fun they can have with 1/10th scale model cars! By demonstrating up close and personal the graceful sweeps and arcs of the cars across the race track, we are able to show everyone who passes by the joys of drifting, RC competition and the amazing scale detail that goes into every HPI & Hot Bodies kit. Clear drift bodies and Art Factory Decals Each Cyclone S Drift kit comes with a clear, unpainted bodyshell that replicates exactly some of the most classic of full-size drift machines. The definitive shapes of motorsport mayhem that were borne from the mountain passes of Japan come to life as you add your own unique style and blend of customization to the officially licenced bodyshells produced in the HPI workshop! Add to your wild looks with official Art Factory design graphics to add your own singular look! Each Cyclone S Drift kit comes with one of three Art Factory decal sheets to help you maximize the look of your street machine: the #66447 Levin AE86 kit comes with #66451 gold decal set, #66448 Trueno AE86 comes with #66453 red/purple decal set, and the #66449 Mazda FD3S comes with #66452 blue decal set.
  • Crystal clear, officially licenced bodyshells approved by the actual manufacturers
  • Easily painted with polycarbonate paints for awesome & wild custom paint jobs
  • Tough vinyl decals provide quick additional customization with real Art Factory designs
Chassis Dual Deck Design The Cyclone S Drift uses a composite chassis made in a tub design, strengthened with a composite split upper deck. The Cyclone S Drift main chassis and upper deck take their basic design from the World Championship-winning Cyclone touring car! While the woven graphite chassis of the Cyclone Moore-speed World Champion Edition are super-stiff for racing on carpet and high traction asphalt, the slight flex inherent in the plastic main chassis and upper deck of the Cyclone S make it ideal for racing on lower grip surfaces like indoor carpet racing clubs, car park tarmac and outdoor club tracks that aren't meticulously maintained.
  • Super stiff double deck layout
  • Strong and light composite plastic
  • Fully symmetrical to minimize tweak
Fits Any Type of Electrical Package The main chassis of the Cyclone S Drift allows racers to fit in any type of electronics system. Today’s brushless motors and speed controls are slightly larger than their brushed cousins, however the Cyclone S Drift can fit any combination of electronics for maximum versatility. You can get any combination of battery, speedo and motor for huge horsepower and maximum drift attack points!
  • Fits brushless and brushed electronics systems
  • Easy standard and compact servo fitting
  • Everything mounts on lower chassis for supremely low centre of gravity
Bumpers Protecting the front end of the car from high speed impacts, a high impact nylon lower bumper keeps the hardest of shocks from reaching the chassis and suspension. A thick closed-cell foam impact bumper supports the bodyshell at top speed and also helps to protect the front suspension from damage. Completing the front protection is the upper woven carbon fibre brace, which securely holds foam bumper in place in all conditions. At the rear, a strong nylon bumper protects the suspension from rear-end crashes.
  • High impact nylon lower bumper
  • Thick closed-cell foam impact bumper
  • Upper woven carbon fibre brace
Strong Hardware With tough Japanese-made industrial steel hex screws, racers can be sure that even the screws and washers that come with the Cyclone S kit can stand up to the abuse and wear of racing, week after week. Strong hex screw heads resist stripping and allow you to make maintenance chores go quickly and with minimum fuss.
  • Hex head screws
  • Steel ball ends
  • Aluminium anodized shims
Drivetrain Efficiency The Cyclone uses a 2.4375 to 1 drive ratio, which is perfect for modern high-revving motors. The small layshaft pulleys and large diff pulleys combine to make the Cyclone one of the most efficient touring cars available today. It was also proven to be the most efficient drivetrain at the World Championship, European Championship, German Nationals and US Nationals.
  • 2.4375:1 drive ratio for today's motors
  • Pulley and belt combination make a supremely efficient drivetrain
  • 64 pitch spur gear and pinion
Central Motor Position The motor attaches to the middle bulkhead, which allows the motor and spur gear to be closer to the centre of the car than any other competition touring car. With its extremely low motor mount position and low mounting position of the layshaft, the drivetrain enhances the driving feel of the car and gives you ultimate control and stability.
  • As close to centre line of car as possible
  • Extremely low center of gravity
  • 64-pitch spur gear for high efficiency
Tough Layshaft and Drive Pulleys The layshaft is machined from high strength steel for durability and to directly power transfer from spur to the 16-tooth layshaft pulleys. Solid pulleys are included in the kit, and optional one-way centre pulleys are also available. The 16-tooth layshaft pulleys are light and small for lower rotating mass and faster acceleration.
  • Machined from steel
  • 16T solid pulleys
  • Can fit 18T pulleys or one-way pulleys for additional efficiency and tuning
Dual unequal length belt drive The centrepiece of the drivetrain, the dual belts are made with a specialised rubber compound and are reinforced with aramid fibre, the same material used to make body armour and flame-resistant clothing. The belts are ultra-strong to protect them from the demands of high-revving motors and brutal driving conditions. Cams in the bulkeads allow each belt to be tightened independently of the other, so you This allows the dual belt drivetrain to work at full efficiency, for maximum power transfer and control under braking at all times.
  • Dual unequal length belt drive
  • Reinforced rubber teeth
  • Dual cam tensioners
Front and rear adjustable ball differentials Front and rear differentials are included for a full range of tuning possibilities on all track surfaces. Each diff is mounted on large-diameter metal-shielded bearings in cam-shaped bearing mounts. Durable steel diff and thrust balls are used for an extremely smooth feel and durability. The plastic outdrives are very durable and lightweight and feature a metal retaining ring for extra durability. Both diffs are externally adjustable as well; simply remove a camber link and adjust the thrust screw with a hex wrench. The diffs are also interchangeable front to rear so the need to carry spare parts is lessened. For increased durability, use the Edit RC Titanium Diff Screw #ED050010.
  • Front and rear differentials included
  • Steel outdrives for enhanced durability
  • Externally adjustable
Full set of Ball Bearings To have a truly efficient drivetrain, any racing car needs a high quality set of ball bearings. The Cyclone S uses the same number and type of bearings as the Moore-speed Cyclone World Championship Edition uses: 20 metal shielded bearings throughout its drivetrain, from the layshaft to the axles provide maximum efficiency and precision. Two additional bearings are used in the steering post.
  • 20 in total (18 in drivetrain, 2 in steering)
  • Metal shielded
  • High efficiency & precision
Suspension Stiff chassis - Starting Point for a Great Race Car The foundation of a good racing car is a stiff chassis. This is why full-size race cars use super-stiff monocoque chassis designs, letting the suspension do its job properly. A stiff chassis allows consistent dampening at all points on a track, whether deep into a hairpin or driving hard out of a flat-out sweeper. Complementing the overall chassis design are the symmetrical top deck mounting points, which practically eliminates the chances and effects of tweak on the car after hard crashes on the track.
  • Very stiff to allow suspension to fully work
  • Symmetrical design to help eliminate tweak
Independent suspension mounts Another critical factor in the superior design of the Cyclone suspension is that the lower suspension mounts are mounted totally independent of the bulkheads. This means that the wishbones, which are the parts of the suspension most exposed to crash damage, will not affect the drivetrain at all if they are damaged. Not only does this keep repair costs down and reduce maintenance time, this also prevents damage to the drivetrain parts.
  • Mounted to chassis separate from bulkheads
  • Doesn't allow chassis to compensate for bad suspension settings
  • Slop-free with easy movement
Race-optimized geometry After many months of testing with World Championship-winning drivers, the designers of the Cyclone perfected the suspension settings of the car to allow it to work for any style of driving, on any track in the world. This unique technology is also present in the adjustable suspension geometry of the Cyclone S. Part of this optimized suspension geometry comes from the infinite roll centre adjustments, which dramatically affects the actions of the car as it brakes, enters a corner and exits the corner to accelerate away. Using shims of several different thicknesses allows you to truly fine-tune the front and rear roll centre of the car to achieve perfect balance and neutral handling.
  • Optimized for rubber tyre racing
  • Ideal design to allow you to have a base setup
Ultra-low centre of gravity Central to the excellent handling of the Cyclone is its extra-low centre of gravity, or CG. Having a low CG allows race cars to corner precisely, without excess body roll or delay. A high-CG car in a turn will take time for its central mass to move in relation to the road, making it slower when it matters most â€" in the corners! The Cyclone’s chassis setup allows every element of the car to mount on the lower chassis, ensuring you have a low CG and fantastic handling. Even the motor gets a full-size cutout for it to slide into. The bottom of the motor actually hangs just slightly below the upper surface of the main chassis, giving you an ultra-low centre of gravity!
  • All electronics fit on lower chassis
  • Motor fits into cooling cutout
Turnbuckles and ball cups For maximum adjustability, the Cyclone S uses a full set of tough steel turnbuckles. Infinitely adjustable with the handy wrench included with the kit, each turnbuckle is fitted with a long-shank, heavy-duty self-lubricating ball cup at each end. A special molybdenum plastic material is used to make the ball cups, which provides the exact right amount of lubrication to keep the ball cup action smooth in all conditions.
  • Tough steel turnbuckles
  • Self-lubricating molybdenum heavy duty ball cups
Wishbones, uprights and hubs The plastics used on the Cyclone touring cars consists of some of the most advanced composite plastics in the world, and is certainly the highest-spec plastic used in the RC car industry. Mixing specific amounts of carbon fibres with unique solid plastics known only to Hot Bodies engineers, our racing team has developed a secure, tough, long-lasting, resilient and stiff set of lower suspension arms, front uprights, steering knuckles and rear hubs that are precise enough for World Champions yet strong enough for new racers.
  • Carbon fibre, injection-moulded composite construction
  • Special high-traction suspension arms used for Cyclone S
Suspension The Cyclone's suspension set new standards for adjustability when it was released. Absolutely everything, from the track width to the angle of internal front toe, can be adjusted independently of other settings. You and dial in any type of suspension action you need to get to the top step of the podium. The possibilities are practically unlimited and give you the maximum degree of adjustability.
  • 4 degree caster standard; 2 and 6 degree uprights available
  • Vertical ball stud for unlimited adjustment; 1 position for front, 2 for rear
  • Adjustable kick-up/anti-dive, ride height, roll centre, droop, camber, caster, track, toe/sweep, bump steer, sway bar
  • Small bearings for low unsprung weight
Shock absorbers The shock absorbers included with the Cyclone S are a moulded version of the super-smooth aluminium shocks included on the Moore-speed Cyclone World Champion kit. The Cyclone S shocks feature threaded adjustments, top and bottom threaded caps, an efficient single o-ring bottom seal, rubber bladder and knurled ride height adjustment collars.
  • Threaded shock body
  • Tight seals to prevent leaks
  • Easy to rebuild
Steering The steering system is another Cyclone highlight carried over from the Moore-speed Cyclone World Champion kit, and features the exquisite Infinite Adjustable Ackerman with its optimised positioning, smooth feel and overall durability. The steering assembly uses a 90-degree plastic arm to connect to the steering servo. Two positions are available on the plastic arm to provide optional mounting positions. Steel turnbuckles and heavy-duty self-lubricating ball cups are used for enhanced durability in all racing conditions. A knurled collar on the steering arm allows you to adjust the integrated servo saver, which keeps your servo safe in even the hardest of crashes. Adjusting the Ackerman settings is extremely easy as well: simply add or remove shims under the ball studs on the steering arm. You can also add bump-steer to give you increased steering on the outer wheel of the turn.
  • True central mounting
  • Optimised servo positioning
  • Infinite Adjustable Ackerman system from Moore-speed WC Edition
  • Integrated servo saver
Specifications Length: 365mm (14.37 inches) Width: 190mm (7.48 inches) Wheelbase: 256 to 259mm (10.08 to 10.20 inches) Weight: Bare Chassis approximately 700g, with body 820g, running weight varies with equipment used Chassis: Composite plastic tub design with composite plastic upper deck Suspension: Four-Wheel Independent, variable front kick-up/anti-dive, variable anti-squat Turnbuckles: Fully equipped, steel Drive Train: 4WD, Front & Rear Ball Diffs Drive Ratio: 2.4375 to 1 Tyre Type: treaded hard drift compound Gear Pitch: 64 Pitch Wheel Hubs: 12mm hex w/ capture pins Kit/RTR: Self-Build Kit Shock Type: Composite plastic, threaded bodies w/ top & bottom threaded seals Shock Towers: Composite plastic with strengthening ribs Bodyshell: clear HPI officially licensed bodyshell included (varies with kit choice) Ball Bearings: 24 throughout drivetrain 66447 Cyclone S Drift kit with Toyota Levin AE86 bodyshell 66448 Cyclone S Drift kit with Toyota Trueno AE86 bodyshell 66449 Cyclone S Drift kit with Mazda RX-7 FD3S bodyshell Build-it-yourself 1/10th scale car kit with clear officially licensed bodyshell, Art Factory decals, replica Volk Racing TE37 6-spoke wheels and treaded drift tyres What You Need 2-channel radio 8 AA batteries for radio 7.2v stick-pack battery for car charger for 7.2v battery servo electronic speed control

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