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Pre-glued tires on HPI White Dish Wheels and molded medium inserts.

Discontinued, replacement part: #120032

HPI has an all-new tyre design to solve the problem of hard-to-find spec racing tyres for on-road racers! Developed with the help of the HB racing team, the 24mm wide HPI Challenge 30SH is a durable tyre with excellent traction and high speed stability - key factors on designing a successful racing tyre. Testing took place from the UK to Thailand in a variety of temperatures and traction conditions, and the results have been very impressive!

The HPI Challenge 30SH tyre and wheel set features a low profile, fabric belt reinforcing and a unique blend of rubber to deliver good traction with excellent durability. The wheel is an HPI dish design moulded in a stiff plastic for improved high-speed stability. The inserts used in the wheel are precisely moulded to ensure consistency for predictable performance from set to set. Sold in sets of 4, the HPI Challenge 30SH tyre/wheel set will be available from March 2011, well ahead of the new racing season!

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