New for the 2008 summer racing season is the latest Cyclone touring car! The Cyclone TC has the latest suspension and performance tweaks that our world-travelling Hot Bodies racing team uses, making it the perfect car for club racers!

Several new features mark this latest Hot Bodies high-end touring car, making it the weapon of choice for racers around the world. By making several incremental updates to the Cyclone, HB designers are able to give to you extra tuning options front and rear, improved durability, increased rear traction, adjustable stiffness and all-new graphite parts all around![section2]

The Cyclone TC is the ultimate refinement of the top Hot Bodies touring car. It has all the latest updates and advanced features that Hot Bodies team drivers like Atsushi Hara, Ronald Volker and Andy Moore use to dominate race weekends all around the world. These and other HB team drivers are always testing the newest, latest thing to make sure they get to the top step of the podium, and it's our devoted customers that really benefit!

We are extremely proud to offer the Cyclone TC with a wide range of improvements:

  1. Pro Spec Ball Diff in rear
  2. HB Two-Way front one-way/spool
  3. Larger 18T centre pulleys
  4. FRP middle block deck for increased rear traction
  5. Revised main chassis for improved weight distribution
  6. Altered upper deck with provisions for HB ATC (Adjustable Torsion Control) posts
  7. Stronger upper bulkheads for improved crash protection
  8. Thicker low-mount shock towers to fit extra-low bodyshells
  9. New reversible suspension arms with more suspension mount options
  10. Easy-adjust sway bar holders for fast fine-tuning
  11. Moulded battery tray for easy fitting of batteries
  12. Extra-efficient universal dogbones

We're sure you will find the Cyclone TC is equipped with everything you need to take home all the trophies you could want, and at a great low price as well!

Let's not forget what made the Moore-speed World Champion Edition so great!
The Moore-speed Cyclone World Champion Edition was THE car to have in 2007, because it collected all the options and performance extras used by Andy Moore to win the 2006-2007 IFMAR World Championship. The Cyclone Hara Edition which preceded this car was already loaded with excellent standard features, and the Moore-speed version added even more performance to the mix, giving racers every possible option they could use to get them ahead of the competition.

As a World Championship-winning car, it featured tons of standard features that you wouldn't find on many other top-level racing cars:

  1. Top quality woven graphite main chassis, upper deck
  2. Highly efficient dual-belt drivetrain
  3. Fully adjustable ball differential in rear
  4. Thick woven graphite shock towers with 'half-hole' adjustments
  5. Hard-anodized threaded shocks with volume bladders, low-friction o-rings and upper & lower threaded caps
  6. Carbon-composite suspension arms
  7. Completely adjustable suspension, including: front sweep, anti-dive, anti-squat, kick-up, front/rear toe, wheelbase, weight balance F/R, ride height, camber, caster
  8. Full range of sway bars front and rear
  9. Aluminium motor mount
  10. Aluminium front, middle and rear bulkheads
  11. Aluminium pivot blocks for suspension mounting
  12. Aluminium driveshafts
  13. Final drive ratio optimized for modified racing
  14. Race-quality 64 pitch spur gear
  15. Easy-adjust belt tensioner
  16. Serrated wheel nuts for secure wheel attachment
  17. Sturdy foam bumper
  18. Dual-plate foam bumper attachment with woven graphite upper brace
  19. Full purple anodizing for great looks

All of these features are present on Cyclone TC, giving you everything you need to make it to the winner's circle!

Check out the latest features of this year's top-end racing machine, the Cyclone TC!

New Large Pro Spec Ball Differential
Already available as an option part for previous Cyclone touring car versions (#67720), the Pro Spec Ball Diff is the ultimate racing diff! It is more durable, requires less maintenance, and it's much lighter for faster acceleration. The Pro Spec Ball Diff has wider spacing for the diff balls for low stress and wear on the D-cut diff rings, it uses ceramic diff balls (#67722) to go longer between rebuilds, the outdrives are made from extra-light machined POM (Polyoxymethylene) space-age plastic for rocketlike acceleration, and for extra insurance it uses a newly designed titanium nitride-coated diff screw and nut.

New 'Two-Way' Front One-Way Differential/Locking Spool
For increased tuning options the Cyclone TC uses a front one-way diff that can be simply converted to a locked spool by inserting locking pins. This allows racers the option of using the same part on large, sweeping courses and on tight, small tracks. You won't need any extra parts in your spares box, the HB Two-Way is all you need!

New 18T Centre Pulleys
The larger pulleys allow the drive belts to wrap around the larger pulleys for extra acceleration and braking power. The drive ratio is now 2.167 (previously 2.4375), making the drivetrain more suitable for brushless motors, which have plenty of torque for low-end power. Improved drivetrain efficiency is another bonus, so you get more runtime and extra power from your existing electronics!

New 2.0mm FRP Middle Block Deck
For increased lateral flexibility and rear traction, HB designers chose a soft material for the middle block deck, going for fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). This represents the optimal choice to give racers the precise amount of rear traction the Cyclone TC needs for nearly all racing surfaces, giving you the advantage once again over older car designs. You can always fine-tune the car to your handling requirements by fitting the woven graphite or finned aluminium middle block decks available for previous Cyclone models.

New 2.5mm Main Chassis
The main chassis is still made from the highest quality woven graphite available, to give you a solid foundation for getting your suspension settings right from the very start. The new shape and slightly tweaked layout enhance driving performance, plus the extra-large holes under each diff prevent track debris from getting caught up in the drivetrain.

New 2.0mm Upper Deck compatible with Adjustable Torsion Control (ATC) Posts
The upper deck is made from the same top-quality woven graphite laminate as the main chassis, however the upper deck is 0.5mm thinner to enhance lateral stiffness and allow the car some 'give' as the chassis twists around the curves.

The main new feature of the upper deck is that it is compatible with our new Adjustable Torsion Control system, or ATC for short. The ATC posts are 2-piece anodized aluminium posts that connect the main chassis and upper deck with variable levels of stiffness. These posts can be left unattached for free lateral movement of the front end, giving you extra traction and steering control, or they can be attached to the upper deck with o-rings of various densities to adjust the level of chassis twist you want to get. You can also use the posts in their 'solid' configuration to firmly attach the front end of the upper deck to the main chassis. Yet another first from Hot Bodies, to give you the best results on the track!

New Stronger Upper Bulkheads
To increase the strength and durability of the Cyclone TC in front- and rear-end collisions, the upper bulkheads at both ends of the car have been raised slightly and given longer reinforcing ribs that extend to the top of the shock tower supports.

New Thicker Low-Mount Shock Towers
Fitting onto the upper bulkheads, the shock towers are made from extra-thick 3.65mm woven graphite and feature several 'half-hole' upper shock positions (7 in front, 8 in rear) to allow you to fine-tune the handling of your car to any track condition. The lower overall height of the shock towers allows you to slam bodyshells on the chassis for less lift, faster cornering and more top speed.

Note: because these shock towers feature a higher mounting point and lower shock mount positions, they are not suitable for previous versions of the Cyclone touring car.

New Reversible Suspension Arms
The suspension arms are made from the same super-tough material as before, and now they feature extra shock mounts in 'half-hole' increments, achieved by just flipping the arms! You get 5 different shock mount positions on the rear arms, and 4 on the front, giving you loads of tuning options when combined with the 8 upper shock mount positions in the rear and 7 in the front.

New Easy-Adjust Sway Bar Holders
The sway bars feature new one-piece moulded mounts to make installing and changing easier, plus the ends of the swaybars can be minutely tweaked with simple height adjustments using hex-socket ball ends. Being able to precisely adjust your swaybars is an important feature that shouldn't be overlooked!

New Moulded Battery Tray
The new main chassis is equipped with a battery tray that allows you to securely fit Ni-MH batteries as low as possible in the chassis without going through the hassle and time of grinding or filing the edges of the battery slots. Using a similar design as the HB Cyclone 12 and D4, you'll find it easy to use and a great time-saver!

New Universal Dogbones
We've replaced the universal dogones used in previous Cyclone touring cars with a new design offering increased efficiency and extra durability, giving you more confidence and extra insurance when you're battling on the tough club racing circuits!

The Cyclone TC is the ultimate version of the top Hot Bodies electric racer! With its solid racing pedigree, extra strength, and extra tuning options, you can't beat this car!

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