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Drew Moller reports from the Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Championship!

News Article Image 2015121601

Recently I attended the Reedy Outdoor Off-road Championships held at Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California. This race was something new to me. I’ve never raced on an outdoor wet track and was very excited to give it a go. On Friday I ran both my cars and got them up to speed. I needed to change a lot on my 4WD in order to get the grip I needed and eventually would. My 2WD felt pretty good right off the bat so I felt very confident...Continue Reading

by Drew Moller

Team HB Driver Meeting in Shanghai!

News Article Image 2015120701

The entire HB electric on-road Factory Team was in Shanghai doing testing and development at the RCI V2 Race Club this past weekend, and local drivers and all HB fans around the world were invited to an exclusive day of track testing, bench racing and setup advice provided by most of the HB on-road racing team.   Drivers Andy Moore, Jilles Groskamp, Freddy Sudhoff and JJ Wang were present, along with Team Manager Hiro Kasuya and...Continue Reading

by Frank McKinney

Drew Moller TQs Both Classes at the JBRL 2015 Final!

News Article Image 2015111301

This past weekend was the final round of the 2015 Nitro JBRL series. It was held at Thunder Alley in Beaumont California. The track was built by Joey Christiansen from The Dirt which made for an awesome track to race on. On Friday I went to the track and practiced. I made sure my cars were comfortable to drive and up to speed on the very fast paced track. Unlike most tracks there were multiple lines that you could take and still go fast. I...Continue Reading

by Drew Moller

Savoya and HB Dominate the Speed One Race in Indonesia!

News Article Image 2015110601

What a track ! Once again it was a pleasure to race in Surabaya, Indonesia, as one of my favourite track in the world ! Many local drivers and some internationals from Japan, Korea, Canada, Bulgaria and Australia did the trip for the Speed One Race 2015. The black surface came from a massive addition of molasses from sugarcane. No dust, maximum grip and tire wear with this heat! Since P1 my car was on rails! I felt the Jconcepts...Continue Reading


HB Driver Meeting! Dec 5th in Shanghai

News Article Image 2015110603

Here's your opportunity to meet the HB on-road team on the 5th of December at the amazing RCI V2 racing facility in Shanghai, China! Meet Andy, Jilles, Freddy and JJ, plus drivers from across China and Honk Kong including the new Chinese National Champion, KS Huang!  The HB PRO5 team will be in Shanghai the first weekend of December, and you can gain experience from their valuable expertise as you meet every one of the drivers, plus...Continue Reading

by Frank McKinney

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