First HPI UK Challenge & Bash Party a Wild Success!

Mon, 28th April 2014

Last weekend was the first-ever HPI Challenge & 'Bash Party', where drivers from around the UK were invited to Coventry Model Car Club for some friendly club racing and extra-fun bashing! 

HPI owners from around the country were invited to bring their RC vehicles to the club, which features three different off-road tracks: all-weather astroturf, high-grip dirt and natural grass. The astroturf track was used for the racing and the grass track was opened up to HPI bashers and kit owners. 

The HPI crew were on hand with demonstration cars for anyone to try, including Savage X 4.6, 2 Savage XS trucks, WR8 Flux, Trophy Truggy 4.6 and more. 

The laid-back atmosphere was perfect for a fun day of RC playtime, and a a handful of racing heats were set up by the club organizer Mark. A 'last car driving' race for the WR8 cars was set up, which local racer Jamie Cheshire won several seconds ahead of HPI's Frank McKinney, earning him a brand new HPI baseball cap! 

The rest of the racing involved 1/8th buggies and truggies plus 2WD buggies and WR8 cars. The WR8s handled the artificial grass great, with new racers quickly getting to grips with the unique particulars of driving on astroturf. 

The grass track behind the astroturf grass was busy all day, stuffed full of Savage and Trophy trucks of all descriptions. HPI owners came from as far away as Surrey, Liverpool and Canterbury, 160 miles (257km) away, just to drive their HPI trucks and meet fellow HPI fans! Nearly 40 people in all turned out, a very good turnout considering the weather forecast! Most of the bashing crowd had never been to a real racing track before, so it was a totally new experience for them. 

Even with a couple of small rain showers, the enthusiasm levels remained very high, with bashers sharing their knowledge about things like engine tuning, option parts, hop-ups, bling accessories and more. The HPI crew on hand fielded plenty of questions about all sorts of things, from kit releases to parts fittings, and met HPI fans from around the UK. It really was a great day out!

We can't wait to plan more events like this in the UK! 

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