Is this the smallest HPI Baja ever?

Thu, 30th January 2014

This is a 1/32nd scale Baja buggy designed for maximum fun in the tiniest size possible. Small enough to fit in your hand but packed with action and excitement, this tiny Baja is a lightweight yet tough buggy that will have you building tiny ramps and racetracks across your living room or dining room table! This 'baby Baja' comes complete with a steering wheel radio that allows your friends to race around with you!

Real-feel digital proportional steering allows this 1/32 scale Baja buggy to drive just like much larger buggies - it can easily handle gentle, wide turns or extremely tight turns with ease! The built-in LiPo battery gives you all the power you need, and when the battery runs low simply plug in the charging cable from the transmitter - within minutes you'll be ready to drive once again! The powerful motor pushes the car to surprisingly fast speeds, but the digital controls allows you to vary speed from a super-slow crawl to extra-fast with a pull of the trigger. It's even equipped with reverse to let you get out of sticky situations! Plus, the adjustable rear suspension allows you to tune the car for different situations.

This is a fun-sized, fun-priced micro buggy that's perfect for everyone!

 Check out the teaser video we shot from the show stand!




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