Ty Tessman and the HB D413 - 2013 ROAR National Champions!

Mon, 12th August 2013

Ty Tessmann drives the HB D413 to the 2013 ROAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road Nationals!

At last weekend's ROAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road Nationals in Chico, California, Ty Tessmann and the all-new HB D413 wow'd the racing establishment once again by taking home the 2013 National Championship title!

This was only the first race for Ty and his D413, and with setup help from HB-HPI designer Torrance DeGuzman and mechanic work from father Gord, Ty rocked the field by setting a super-fast TQ pace throughout practice and qualifying. Only last year's 4WD National Champion and multiple World Champion Ryan Cavalieri could challenge Ty on the track, but Ty remained strong throughout the remainder of qualifying and started from pole position on the grid for the triple A Main.

In the A Mains, Ty made it look easy by stretching out a lead while Ryan chased him and the rest of the field held each other up. With 2 wins in the bag, Ty could sit back for the 3rd and final A Main, secure with another ROAR National Championship!

Many thanks to Neobuggy.net for the use of these pictures - read all about Ty's victorious week, complete with race videos, here! 

And now some quick questions from the designer of the D413, Torrance Deguzman: 

It must have been great to win the Nationals! How did you and the Tessmanns celebrate after Ty won the title with the D413?
At first there was some controversy as a protest was filed against us by another team.  After all that drama settled and the protest was rejected, we realized we had completely forgotten to eat lunch.  But by the time we realized that it was already late afternoon and it was time to pack up and go home.  I had an 8hr drive ahead of me and the Tessmanns had 20+ hour drive so we just ate a quick meal at Ty’s favourite fast food – Panda Express.

At this level, every car design needs something to have an edge over the others - what are the D413’s strengths over other the 4WD buggies out there?
Its strength is its strength.  The D413 is very durable compared to other existing 4WD cars which allows the driver to race at 100% without fear of breaking.  This may seem like a minor advantage but psychologically for the driver it’s huge.  During the event we saw many broken 4WD parts.  Or to put it in today’s popular terminology, many drivers “sawed their car”.  The number of D413 parts replaced due to damage during the event… ZERO.

Designing a whole new car from the ground up must have taken some time, how long was the design process for you?
Just for the design only it was pretty quick. I’d say 5-6 months? I started on this car in mid-2011 but paused mid way to work on the D812 and another car, then resumed the D413 after those other two were completed.

And how many prototypes have you and Ty worked through?

And finally…what do you think the chances are for the Worlds?
I don’t know.  I don’t do odds.

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