Pivot Plate (RF/3deg)

Pivot Plate (RF/3deg)

Genuine Hot Bodies spare part for ensured quality, correct maintenance and easy repairs. See below for kit reference.

Ключ Г-образный TORX T27

Ключ Г-образный TORX T27

Use this Torx wrench to access screws on the Baja 5T Fuelie 26 engine with quick access and minimal hassle. Torx is the easiest drive system to use and is superior to slotted, cross (Philips) and even hex drive systems. There is no chance of the tool slipping out as with...

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MX60 T-DRIFT TIRE (60x25mm/2pcs)

MX60 T-DRIFT TIRE (60x25mm/2pcs)

Now mini car owners can fit drift tyres to their cars to experience the thrill and excitement of real sideways action! These exclusive Mini T-Drift...

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