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1/10th scale 4WD Nitro Touring Car with ball bearings, woven graphite upper deck, 2 speed. Unassembled with no engine, no exhaust, no body, no electronics.

The R40 is HPI's full competition "Pro" 1/10th scale nitro touring car designed primarily for the racetrack. It has proven its speed with two wins at the ROAR National Championships in 2003 and 2004 driven by HPI world team driver Atsushi Hara.

All of the option parts Atsushi uses on his R40 are now included in the latest R40 Hara Edition kit, giving serious racers the chance to drive a champion's car. The chassis design and layout of the components have been revised for a lower centre of gravity to improve performance and handling, ideally suited for high-level competition. By skilfully gathering many of the heavy items at the centre of the car and lowering the centre of gravity, the R40 Hara Edition has quicker reflexes than the standard R40. The result is a car that has proven it can win at the racetrack. To lower the centre of gravity and to reduce the overall weight, the R40 Hara Edition comes with woven graphite shock towers and upper deck. Our race-proven lightweight 2-speed transmission is now standard equipment, delivering quicker acceleration. The new transmission also has a wider range of gear ratios and finer pitch gears for improved efficiency. Lightweight hollow pulley shafts are also standard for further reduction of the weight of the car and drive train. The steering servo is now located at the centre of the chassis, making it possible to mount it in a lower position. The receiver battery location has been changed to reduce the overall weight of the car and increase chassis stiffness. The layout is now optimized for the small and lightweight AAA batteries that are popular with racers. The R40 Hara Edition features an improved fuel tank that is designed to accommodate the new radio equipment layout. The new tank design has the same capacity as the standard fuel tank, but with a lower centre of gravity when filled up. And, a shield has been added to the tank to protect the servo and receiver from overflowing fuel when refuelling. The machined aluminium threaded shocks, front one way, improved rear diff, aluminium hex hubs and, and, and… Full list of all included options below!

Option parts included in the kit: #73110 R40 Hara Edition Upper Deck (Woven Graphite) New woven graphite upper deck repositions the electronic components for a lower centre of gravity, increasing overall chassis performance. #73925 R40 Hara Edition Chassis New chassis works with the new upper deck to achieve the optimum weight distribution of the chassis. Also allows the receiver battery to be mounted directly on to the chassis for a lower CG and quicker steering response. #73089 FrontShockTower (Woven Graphite)
#73090 Rear Shock Tower (Woven Graphite) Shock towers machined from 3mm high quality woven graphite for strength and weight savings. Extra shock mounting holes and camber link positions are provided for extended tuning range.
#33401 R40 Lightweight 2 Speed Shaft
#33402 R40 Lightweight Middle Shaft Lightweight 2 Speed Shaft and Lightweight Middle Shaft decrease drive train weight for quick acceleration. #87173 Lightweight 2 Speed Transmission Set (0.8M) Lightweight 2 Speed Transmission Set is lighter, which delivers increased acceleration and a reduction in the overall car weight for faster lap times. Also features a finer gear pitch for increased efficiency and quicker acceleration, and hard anodized alloy clutch bell gears for extended gear life. The gear ratios have also been revised for more punch and higher top speed. #33403 R40 Steering Upgrade Set Ball bearings have been added for extra smooth steering response. #75067 R40 Hara Edition Aluminium Servo Mount Aluminium servo mount provides a rigid mount for the steering servo, for increased steering precision. #75026 Front One-Way Differential 36T Front One-Way Differential for quicker steering and acceleration. #33406 Diff Gear Set (R40 4 Bevel Gear) 4 bevel gears make the car more stable under hard acceleration. The 4 bevel gear set-up also increases durability. #33407 Aluminium Hex Hub Clamp Type Precision 6mm aluminium hex hubs machined from aluminium for less hub deflection. Also prevents the drive pin from falling out during car maintenance. #72170 Threaded Aluminium Shock Set (45-56mm) Threaded Aluminium Shock Set for extra durability and finer tuning options. #87241 R40 Hara Edition Fuel Tank New optimized fuel tank shape provides a lower centre of gravity for improved handling, also includes an overfill fuel channel. #38202 Aluminium Antenna Holder Purple anodized aluminium antenna holder for increased durability.

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