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#75142 - PRO ALUMINUM THREADED SHOCK SET (48-60mm/2pcs)

PRO 4 Standard

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Pro 4 owners can now order spare Aluminium Threaded Shocks in convenient pairs. The high performance alloy shocks found in the National Champion Pro 4 touring car are extremely high quality, durable and completely adjustable, making them popular hop-ups on both HPI touring cars and for other brands of cars as well. Each pair comes with threaded aluminium bodies for infinite ride height adjustments. Other features include hard chrome shock shafts, silicone o-rings and PTFE pistons for smooth shock movement and consistent dampening, delivering the performance needed to win big races. Many racers prefer to carry a complete set of spare shocks to quickly test different shock/spring/oil combinations during practice sessions, so it's a good idea to order two pairs for each racer.

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