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#6548 - RACING SHOCK SPRING 14x25x1.5mmx6.25 (PINK/2pcs)

320gf/mm (Between #6543 and #6544)/Please refer spring chart

Complete your domination of the track with a set of HPI Racing Shock Springs for your competition touring car! These springs offer a wide tuning range for racers, allowing fine-tuning for improved handling on a variety of racetracks. Each spring features black plating with painted markings to help identify the different spring rates. For serious racers, the black plating is more consistent than a painted or powder coated spring, and also prevents the competition from knowing exactly what springs you are using.

The ends of all of the springs are precision ground for a flat surface on the spring perches. These springs are optimized for top-end racing cars like the Hot Bodies Cyclone and HPI Pro 4, so they are slightly shorter and lighter than normal racing springs. To help aid in tuning, each spring is rated in gf/mm for ultimate precision and comes with a handy spring chart to help you decide what strength spring you want to use. Racers need a wide range of tuning options to perfectly match the suspension to track conditions for faster lap times, so get yourself set up for victory! Packaged in pairs.

Also available:

  • #6542 - 14x25x1.4mm 6 coils (blue / 2pcs) 273 gf/mm
  • #6543 - 14x25x1.5mm 6.5 coils (silver / 2pcs)(Kit Part) 302 gf/mm
  • #6544 - 14x25x1.5mm 6 coils (gold / 2pcs)(Kit Part) 340 gf/mm
  • #6545 - 14x25x1.4mm 5.75 coils (white / 2pcs) 363 gf/mm
  • #6546 - 14x25x1.4mm 5.5 coils (yellow / 2pcs) 388 gf/mm
  • #6547 - 14x25x1.5mm 5.25 coils (red / 2pcs) 400 gf/mm
  • #6548 - 14x25x1.5mm 6.25 coils (pink / 2pcs) 320 gf/mm
Get a full set of springs to jump-start your spring collection! One pair of every spring available is included. #75175 - PRO 4 SPRING SET (ID14mmxL25mm/7 PAIRS)

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