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#61516 - FRONT WHEEL (Yellow/2pcs)

Снято с производства, Замена: #61515

Get stylish with your Cyclone D4 with these great-looking yellow dish wheels! These wheels are exactly like the stock dyeable white D4 wheels, but in a bright yellow colour for a bit of extra flash on the track. Use them as a tuning aid to see where your wheels are pointing in any corner on the track, or simply use the yellow wheels to match your paint scheme.

  • Lightweight bright yellow plastic
  • Stiff rib structure to maintain shape and strength
  • Aerodynamic dish shape
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Rear wheels fit B4 with Cyclone D4 hex hubs
  • Sold in pairs
#61516 FRONT WHEEL (Yellow) #61519 REAR WHEEL (Yellow)

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