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#15405 - FUELIE 26 ENGINE

26cc Gasoline Engine (1mm piston ring) with #15411 Air Filter

Снято с производства, Замена: #15403

Standard Parts

Get more power and speed for your Baja with this genuine HPI Fuelie 26 engine! Get the edge on your racing buddies with a complete engine upgrade. This is a complete Fuelie 26 engine, with #15411 air filter, ready to drop right into your Baja! Get an extra 3cc of engine size! More displacement means more power, acceleration, torque and top speed! Just remember: there's no replacement for displacement!

Also a spare for for the Baja 5T. #15483 muffler shown not included. This engine is different from the #15403 Fuelie 26S included with the Baja SS kit, which is a more powerful version of the Fuelie engine and features different engine porting and piston ring for improved power.

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