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#103807 - Пружины амортизаторов набор Опц. (BLITZ/ задние /4 пары)

BLITZ/Racing springs allow fine suspension tuning for better handling.

HPI Racing now offers a Racing Spring Set that gives BLITZ and Mini-Trophy trucks a wide variety of tuning choices to dial in the handling of their trucks to track conditions for faster lap times. This set features 4 pairs of gray rear springs that are color coded for easy identification:

  • Pink (One step softer than stock)
  • White (Stock BLITZ rear spring)
  • Yellow (One step stiffer than stock)
  • Red (Two steps stiffer than stock)
#103807 BLITZ RACING SPRING SET (REAR/4 PAIRS) Also available is a Racing Spring Set for the front shocks: #103348 RACING SPRING SET (BLITZ/FRONT/4 PAIRS)

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