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#103023 - Опционные детали передней подвески - ALUMINUM STEERING KNUCKLE SET (FOAM TIRE/ORANGE)

FORMULA TEN/Machined aluminum for better handling/Use w/ FT02 wheels

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Maximize the handling of your foam tyre-equipped HPI Formula Ten car with this Aluminum Steering Knuckle Set. The steering knuckles are precision machined from billet aluminium for durability and feature additional steering link locations to help dial in the steering response to track conditions. Both arms are anodized bright orange for custom looks. The wheel shafts for this set are made specifically for the HPI FT02 wheels for use with foam tyres. Four low friction ball bearings for the front wheels are included.

See all the Formula Ten options designed specifically for foam tyres! #102915 FT02 WHEEL SET (FOR FOAM, BLACK, FRONT 2pcs) #103015 FT02 WHEEL SET (FOR FOAM, BLACK, REAR 2pcs) #102917 BALL DIFF SET FOR FOAM WHEELS (95 TOOTH, 64 PITCH) #103023 ALUMINUM STEERING KNUCKLE SET (FOAM TIRE, ORANGE)

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