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#100624 - ULTRA 7 WHEELS BLACK 30mm (2pcs)

Brama 10B/Front/Gluing not required

Снято с производства, Замена: #3862

Style up your Brama 10B with optional front and rear available in a range of cool colours! Bolt on stealthy black, bright orange or flashy yellow wheels to your Brama 10B for instant cool and great looks!

Front wheels: #100620 ULTRA 7 WHEELS YELLOW 30mm (2pcs) #100622 ULTRA 7 WHEELS ORANGE 30mm (2pcs) #100624 ULTRA 7 WHEELS BLACK 30mm (2pcs) Rear wheels: #100621 ULTRA 7 WHEELS YELLOW 35mm (2pcs) #100623 ULTRA 7 WHEELS ORANGE 35mm (2pcs) #100625 ULTRA 7 WHEELS BLACK 35mm (2pcs) Brama 10B rear wheels fit standard 2WD/4WD rear tyres, and the front wheels fit standard 4WD front tyres. Check out the optional wings also available to match the cool new wheels! #100617 MOLDED WING (BRAMA 10B/YELLOW) #100618 MOLDED WING (BRAMA 10B/ORANGE) #100619 MOLDED WING (BRAMA 10B/BLACK)

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