Team HB HPI Racing at the 2014 Reedy Race of Champions!

Wed, 28th May 2014

The 2014 edition of the Reedy Race of Champions saw the event return to the legendary Aliso Viejo track facility! Although the early practice and qualifying sessions saw overcast skies and light rain, the racers were greeted by sunny Southern California skies for the weekend's main events. Racers from around the Globe were ready to test their skills and leave their mark at the legendary Reedy Race of Champions!

Team HB HPI Racing Factory Driver and 2006 IFMAR World Champion Andy Moore flew the HB HPI Racing flag in the Invitational Class. HB HPI Racing TCXX R&D Designer Toshihiko Hara raced in the Open Modified Class along with HB HPI Racing's Hiroyuki Kasuya, Felix Law, Leo Zhao and Jarod Kadonaga. HPI Racing R&D Designer Thad Garner raced in the 13.5 Class along with Collin Cocores, Joe Macasero, Carl Feltro and Andrew Hilman.

The 2014 Reedy Race of Champions saw HB HPI Racing's Andy Moore taking several heat race wins on his way to 6th overall in the Invitational Class! HPI's Thad Garner won his Triple Mains in the 13.5 class along with HB HPI Racing's Joe Macasero also winning his Triple Mains. HPI's Collin Cocores took the win in 2 qualifying heats.

It was an awesome weekend of racing for all the racers and we all look forward to the 2015 edition of the Reedy Race of Champions returning to the legendary Aliso Viejo facility!

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