Ty Tessmann Dominates The Dirt Nitro Challenge!

Mon, 24th February 2014

The superlatives are endless for HB-HPI's Ty Tessmann, who has taken on all comers at the first big international 1/8th scale off-road race of the year, and come out the winner on all fronts! 

This past weekend was 15th annual Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm RC Raceway, and Ty's weekend got off to a great start with 'Team Tessmann' and HB designer Torrance Deguzman on hand to help Ty defend his two consecutive DNC truggy wins using the HB D8T. 

This time around, Ty was using what he and Torrance called the 'Ty Tessmann Edition' version of the truggy to set an unbeatable TQ time in the top class of truggy racers - and Ty went on to completely control the 45-minute A Main with a solid win over super-tough competition for his THIRD STRAIGHT WIN in the class at The Dirt!

Watch the 45-minute Truggy A-Main right here!

Not only that, but in the Open Truggy class, HB-HPI Infantry team member Adnan Musaefendic took a well-deserved second place finish to help wrap up a fabulous opening salvo for the HB-HPI crew!

In the buggy racing, Ty used the HB D812 to full effect, and although he didn't get TQ, in the 45-minute A Main race Ty was able to rocket past Dakota Phend on the first lap and never looked back!

Taking to the track like a metronome and running to a consistent fuel strategy, Team Tessmann got the D812 in and out of the pits like clockwork, making loads of time on other racers who suffered with flame-outs or who had problems contending with the changes in the ambient weather. With top international racers not even making it in the A Main and the top race stuffed with Worlds A Finalists, there was no respite and resting on his heels was not an option! It was run and gun for the entire race, not stopping to take a breath until the very end - when he finished 13 seconds ahead of second place! 

Watch the 45-minute Buggy A-Main right here!

Ty's run of amazing results with his HB-HPI vehicles is still going, with no end in sight! 


Many thanks to RedRC for the use of their excellent photos from the race! Check out their complete coverage from the weekend here

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