HPI 2005 catalogue… OUT NOW!

Mon, 23rd August 2004

The HPI 2005 catalogue (#92003) is out now and available at your local model shop! The catalogue contains 60 pages telling you everything you need to know about the latest HPI nitro and electric models. It shows all the coolest option parts and accessories available to hop-up your car, and all the fantastic bodyshells, tyres and wheels available from HPI! To help all RC beginners to find the right model, a short introduction to RC cars has been included in the new catalogue! It also outlines the advantages of RTR (“Ready To Run”) and SS (“Super Sport”) kit versions so you can decide if you want a pre-built kit or one you can build yourself! Visit your local model shop today and grab a copy of the HPI 2005 catalogue! UK customers can use the shop search facility available on the HPI website to locate your nearest model shop. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the catalogue (13.6MB) (requires Adobe Reader 6).

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