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#MV12213 - Maverick Neon MT 1/10 4WD Nitro Monster Truck RTR


The Neon MT is a high-powered, fuel-burning, dirt-flinging 1/10 scale 4WD monster truck that's ready to take on anything and everything! Fully assembled and painted, equipped with a Maverick .16-size engine and top quality radio gear, the Neon MT can power through the roughest of terrain right out of the box. The completely adjustable, fully independent suspension means you can tune the Neon MT for any situation, and the 8 oil-filled shocks and sealed radio tray means you can take it just about anywhere! To protect the truck from any mishaps, a spring-loaded front bumper prevents crash damage to the chassis and suspension parts.
Scale-looking monster truck with a colourful pre-painted bodyshell
Fully assembled and extremely tough 4WD monster truck chassis
Strong and efficient .16-size nitro engine for maximum fun
Monster truck suspension with 8 oil-filled shocks and plenty of tuning
For total monster truck fun, the Neon MT is the only way to go! * Fully assembled nitro-powered 1/10 scale monster truck chassis * 8 oil-filled long stroke coil-over shocks * .16-size engine with pullstart for easy starting and fast speeds * Factory-fitted Maverick 2-channel AM radio system * Tough and efficient 4WD shaft drivetrain * Fully adjustable independent suspension with turnbuckles * Rugged C-hub front steering knuckles * Strong internal metal differential gears * Unique spring-loaded bumper system helps prevent crash damage * Sealed electrics box protects receiver battery and receiver from splashes * Cool multi-spoke wheels with all-terrain 'paddle block' tyres * Full set of ball bearings for efficient power transfer * Twin point steering with integrated servo saver * Two-piece alloy engine mount * Factory-finished, painted and cut out bodyshell * 12 AA batteries, 10-20% nitro car fuel, glow starter and fuel bottle required

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