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#ML14704 - Merlin Tracer 90 RTF Single Blade Electric Helicopter


The Tracer 90 is a perfect step up in the world of single blade helicopter flight for both the beginner and experienced pilot, and is an ideal indoor model for when the weather isn't co-operating! Its tiny size of just 207mm long with a rotor diameter of 190mm allows it to take off from the palm of your hand, while the Li-Pi powered main rotor gives you long flight times for loads of fun and excitement.

The single-blade design and the tail motor gives the Tracer 90 a much more scale appearance and the feel of a much larger RC helicopter with high agility and smooth, effortless trasitions into and back from forward flight. The Tracer 90 is easy to fly and control for perfect aerial manoeuvres, and gives even inexperienced pilots the ability to fly with ease, straight from the box! Each Tracer 90 is tested and flown before being packed away, so you know it will work perfectly as soon as you charge it up. It's ready for action and awaiting your command!

  • Easy to fly and very manoeuvrable
  • Single-blade design gives a more realistic appearance
  • 2.4GHz technology - no frequency crystals required - plus built-in gyro
  • Transmitter can be used in Mode 1 or Mode 2 by simply flipping the aerial
  • 3.7V 120mAh Li-Po flight battery charges from transmitter
  • Dual Rate functionality for beginners and inexperienced pilots
  • Robust design to withstand crash damage
  • Factory assembled, set up and test flown so you know it works out of the box
  • RTF (Ready to Fly) with flight instructions and guide suitable for complete beginner
  • Includes 4 AA batteries for transmitter to get you flying right away
  • Spare parts available from any good local model shop Rotor Diameter: 190mm Fuselage Length: 207MM Height: 86mm Weight: 27g

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