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#ED100037 - EFRA 2031 Tuned 3 Chamber Pipe c/w 3 Manifolds (On/Off-Road)

c/w 3 Manifolds (On/Off-Road)


Unleash the hidden horsepower in your 21 size engine. The EFRA 2031 pipe and manifold combination is perfect for 1/8th scale on-road and off-road engines. Increases performance right from mid-range to high rpm, giving excellent torque and mid range driveabilty whilst having excellent top-end power. Complete with range of manifolds to fine-tune the performance of your engine to the race-track. The components are made from the highest quality materials and mirror finshed for the ultimate in 'Bling'. The pipe is EFRA legal and ready to race. Just add your underperforming engine and find out what you were missing.

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