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#67687 - HB Powerpin 2.2’’ MT Tire (White/2pcs)

The Hot Bodies 1/10th scale off road tyre range now extends to include 1/10th Trucks. Primarily designed for use with the Savage XS, these tyres will fit standard 2.2" MT wheels. See below for kit compatibility.

HB Powerpin tyres are made up of multiple rows of square mini pins for excellent traction on many types of surfaces. A row of extra-wide treads down the centre of the tyre gives you extra acceleration and forward traction, as well as superb braking capability. Available in a range of tyre compounds for all your racing needs:

  • #67685 - HB POWERPIN 2.2 inch MT TIRE (PINK/2pcs)
  • #67686 - HB POWERPIN 2.2 inch MT TIRE (RED/2pcs)
  • #67687 - HB POWERPIN 2.2 inch MT TIRE (WHITE/2pcs)
HB tyre compounds: Pink compound is extra-soft for maximum traction at the cost of tread life. Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces. White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use. Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks.

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