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HB takes 2 out of 3 at The Dirt Nitro Challenge!

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Team HB racers David Ronnefalk and Ty Tessmann are taking trophies home from The Dirt Nitro Challenge after David and Ty have taken the first 2 positions of the 1/8 Pro Truck class and Ty dominated the 1/8 E Buggy final race! The Dirt Nitro Challenge is a huge event, with about 800 racers making the trip to Pheonix, Arizona, to compete in a huge number of off-road racing classes. From large scale to electric 1/8 buggy, racers from...Czytaj dale

by Frank McKinney

HB PRO5 at the ETS Round 2

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Event Date: 06.-08.02.2015 Freddy Südhoff's race report: The second round of ETS was held the past weekend in Mühlheim-Kärlich, Germany. Known for the large amount of drivers during the last years, this year’s round was just a highlight of all previous ETS races. More than 400 entries were made in just three different classes. The track layout was the same like last year. Team HPI/ HB was presented by Andy Moore and...Czytaj dale

by Andy Moore

Team HB's Ronnefalk on Podium at the 2nd EOS race of the Season

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Event Date: 30-1 Jan/Feb 2015 Back home from the Reedy Race on Tuesday last week, just packed my bags directly again to leave for Rd2 of the EOS race in Berlin. It was going to be my second event on carpet for me this year, the first one being the DHI-Cup earlier this month. Had a good feeling coming in to the EOS with two podium finishes at the DHI-Cup and both cars were working great. I had some discussions with Adrien before the race started...Czytaj dale

by David Ronnefalk

Team HB's Pro5 at the LRP Touring Car Masters

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Last weekend, HB team drivers Andy Moore and Freddy Südhoff put the HB Pro5 through its paces at the LRP Touring Car Masters race in Germany. The LRP TCM is one of the earliest touring car racers every year and it's an early indicator of who is strong and what car has the best overall package. Here are the race reports from Andy and Freddy! Andy's Race Report: During the first couple of practice runs the track was quite loose while we...Czytaj dale

by Frank McKinney

HB Off-Road Drivers at the Reedy Race of Champions

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Last week's Reedy Off-Road Race of Champions collected most of the fastest electric off-road racers in the world in one place to kick off the US racing season for 2015. Team HB drivers were there in force, with new signings David Ronnefalk and Drew Moller racing alongside World Champion Ty Tessmann. Here's the collected race reports from Team HB!   Drew's Race Report:  The week started out with three rounds of controlled practice for...Czytaj dale

by Frank McKinney

Ronnefalk on the Podium in his first D413 Race!

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Finally it was time to attend the first race with the new car and team, at the DHI-Cup held in Odense, Denmark. Some of the top carpet drivers attended the race in the buggy class, which had 68 drivers in the 2wd class and 67 in 4wd. Having made some practice with the D413 in December I felt very comfortable with how the car was handling coming into the race. In 2wd I used a TeamC car, I had made some practice with it prior the event as well andCzytaj dale

by David Ronnefalk

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