Team HB and the R10 at the Nitro TC European Championships

Thu, 21st August 2014

Team HB had a good weekend at the EFRA 1/10th IC 200mm European Championships this past weekend! The 1/10th IC class, otherwise known as 'nitro touring car', allowed the team to show the strengths of the HB R10, as well as work on new developments that will improve the team's odds at the IFMAR Worlds in Thailand later this year. 

With only 3 HB R10s among the 95 racers in Valencia, Spain, the HB team, consisting of drivers Teemu Leino, Adrien Bertin and Andy Moore and their helpers and mechanics, it would be an uphill struggle against the much larger teams that were present.


After qualifying straight into the semi-Final, which consisted of the fastest 14 drivers, Teemu started the main Final on pole position after a very strong semi-Final run. Andy and Adrien qualified into the quarter-finals but Adrien had an unfortunate problem that prevented him from bumping up into the semi-finals while Andy would start from the 10th position in the Final. This meant that 2 of the 3 HB R10s this weekend made it into the Final, out of nearly 100 racers! 

In the 45-minute Final, Andy's plan was to run one less stop than everyone else, which might have come strong in the end - however a crash at the end of the 104 km/h (64mph) main straight put an end to his race. Teemu drove strong against the former 1/10th and 1/8th IC European Champion, the pair racing away at the front, until an unusual breakage forced Teemu to drop several laps and he finished in 7th overall. 

Want to hear directly from the Team HB drivers at the race? You can get their direct reactions before and after qualifying, and their comments on how each of their races went - just check out the exclusive Team HB Driver Blog! 

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