WIN A BAJA with the NEW HPI Home Movies Contest!

Thu, 14th November 2013

WIN A BAJA by entering the latest HPI Home Movies Contest!


Do you like to pull off crazy jumps? Have you got a top speed monster? Enjoy mudding in the muckiest ravines? How about climbing the impossible hill? Then do it, video it and send it! However, this time, include YOURSELF in the video  to win - and make sure to say "This is MY HPI!"

Upload the video to your online video-sharing account and email us the link at to get entered! 


Watch the video below for the details!


By submitting an entry to the contest, you agree to comply with all of the rules below. Please read them fully:

  • You must have produced all aspects of the clip yourself.
  • By submitting clips to HPI you are stating that you have full copyright ownership of the content.
  • You may submit as many clips as you wish.
  • The clips you submit must have been uploaded to your own video hosting account.
  • The winner will receive notification message directly to their video hosting account. So if this isn't your account, you will have no way of winning.
  • For any disputes that may arise, HPI's decision is final. 
  • The clips you submit will remain your property, but by submitting them you are giving Hobby Products International (Global) unlimited permission to download, edit, reproduce and distribute them or any part of them in any form and for any promotional purpose without exception.
  • HPI urges all customers to use its products responsibly and safely. 
  • If the clips you submit appear to show dangerous situations they may be disqualified from the competition.
  • If the clips you submit appear to show illegal situations they will not be eligible for the competition 
  • HPI will choose to play some of the submitted clips to promote the competition. It may also show clips as part of a 'submitted clip' show. This does not mean the clip has won.
  • Only one clip will win the prize.
  • The prize is: 1 HPI Baja 5B RTR 
  • The closing date for the competition is 13 December, 2013. The winner will be announced by HPI after that date.
  • HPI's decision is final.

To allow you time to reflect upon this agreement we will allow you 7 days from the date of your initial entry (the date of your email) to withdraw. If you do not agree to these terms please resend the submission with the word 'WITHDRAW' in the subject line.


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