Hara and D812 win BittyDesign ASIA Contest

Wed, 1st May 2013

Atsushi Hara was crowned champion of the BittyDesign ASIA Contest, a massive international buggy race at the world-famous Pattaya race track!

The 45-minute Final saw a couple of top contenders fall to the side through breakages, and in the second half of the race Hara stepped up the pace and motored away from the competition, lapping 3rd and 2nd place as they fought for the remaining podium spots. This was a great race to witness and proof that top-level races don't have to be dry affairs - as witnessed by the water guns provided to all the racers for a massive water fight after the trophy presentations! The top two places on the podium were taken with HB Racing Tyres - Hara used the awesome HB Gridlock design for his dominating performance! For more info and pictures about this race, check out the complete Neobuggy article!p/url] Thanks to Neobuggy for the extensive report and use of these great pictures!

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