HB R10 TQ, 2nd & 4th at 1/10th IC World Championships

Mon, 19th November 2012

The upcoming HB R10 nitro competition racing car achieved history at last week's IFMAR 1/10th IC World Championships, not only achieving the feat of having the most cars in the Main Final, but setting an unbeatable TQ at the hands of Finnish racer and HB team member Teemu Leino! Leino started from pole, ahead of newly crowned electric touring car World Champ Groskamp, while HB teammate, touring car runner-up and 2-time IFMAR champion Atsushi Hara started from 3rd, with 2006 electric touring car World Champion Andy Moore started from 10th after a very solid run in the 1/2 Final which put him in the Main Final ahead of many former World and European champions in just his third nitro touring car race ever!

In the hour-long Main Final, Teemu was one of the first to have engine problems after running for nearly ten minutes straight at 0.2 and 0.3 seconds per lap faster than the second place driver. Several long pit stops to tune his engine and a flame-out would prevent Teemu from challenging for the lead after 1/3rd distance, but when his car was running smoothly he was easily running much faster than the lead cars and fought strongly for fourth and fifth place until the nearly the end of the race. Andy Moore, who started from 10th on the grid, was able to challenge for fourth and fifth from the halfway point of the race and was running smoothly and consistently. For a relative newcomer to the class, making the World's Main Final was a fantastic achievement! After earning a 2nd place at the electric on-road Worlds earlier this year, Andy surely has shown that he possesses the skills to compete at the highest level in every on-road class. In the last 30 minutes of the 60-minute final, the driver that would prove to be the most threat to Meen V, who started from fourth, inherited third when Groskamp spun out on the first corner and took over first place when Teemu had his engine problems, would be Atsushi Hara. Hara ran his first set of tyres for 40 minutes, according to plan, then ran long fuel stints in an effort to catch Meen. In the end Hara's lap times were approximately the same as Meen's and a valiant attempt to run an extra lap on low fuel meant that he ran out of fuel on the track and had to have the car recovered by the marshals. In the end, Hara finished in a solid second place, and has shown once again why he's a threat in any class of racing he chooses to try! Without doubt, this is a great debut for the HB R10, with enviable results against the toughest competition. With the smallest factory team at the Worlds, all three drivers got into the Main Final, the most cars of any of the teams at the event. The R10, with Teemu Leino at the wheel, set the fastest qualifying times and had the fastest racing pace, eventually finishing second in an epic struggle that was eventually shortened a few minutes by rain. The HB R10:

  • Worlds TQ
  • Most cars in the Main Final
  • Fastest race pace
  • Worlds Vice-Champion
Watch the complete Main Final race by clicking here! Watch the final heat of qualifying here, where Teemu nails the pole position! The HB R10 will be released soon and will be available from your local model shop!

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