1/5 Off-Road Bodyshells


Refresh the look of your Baja buggy with this easily installed, pre-painted bodyshell. This fully detailed bodyshell is pre-cut for instant and easy installation, so it's ready to fit on any Baja...

1/8 Touring Car Bodyshells

#7581 - **トヨタGT-One TS020 ボディー (1/8レーシング)

All HPI bodies feature: Photorealistic, premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grille, tail lights, roll bars, official logos and more - for a perfect finish with a lot of...

1/8 Buggy Bodyshells

#107144 - D8S ペインテッドボディ

Genuine HPI quality option part for easy upgrading and hopping up! See below for kit reference.

1/8 Monster Truck Bodyshells


Swap new for old with the vintage styling of the GTXL-1 Vintage Body for your Savage XL 5.9! The classic pick-up truck look of the 70's and 80's is the perfect match for the raw and...

1/8 Rally Car Bodyshells


Refresh the look of your Ford Fiesta Ken Block replica car with this easy to install replacement body! Fully painted, detailed and cut out, this OEM replacement body is formed from light, flexible

1/8 Stadium Truck Bodyshells

#101717 - トロフィートラギーFluxボディー/ウインドマスク/デカール

トロフィートラギー FLUX 用クリアボディーの紹介です。 自身のオリジナルカラー、チームカラーでトロフィーバギーをカスタマイズ! ポリカーボネート用塗料を使用してください。 塗料はボディーの内側から塗ってください。 ウインドウマスキングテープとデカール付

1/8 Short Course Truck Body Shells

#107029 - ATTK-8 ショートコースボディー

A clear ATTK-8 Short Course Bodyshell so now you can customise your Apache SC with your own unique paint scheme.

All HPI bodies feature:

Photorealistic, premium vinyl decals include...

1/10 Buggy Bodyshells

#7809 - CB-1 バギーボディー

This version of the CB-1 Buggy body is clear so you can paint it yourself in your favorite colors. It comes with decals that are pre-cut for easy application. The large vinyl decal sheet...

1/10 Formula Bodyshells

#102839 - フォーミュラTENタイプ014Cボディー

Style up your Formula Ten car in your own custom paint scheme, or replicate any of the legendary colour schemes of the past with this extra Formula Ten Type 014C bodyshell! This six-piece bodyshell

1/10 Truck Bodyshells


Make your Venture look brand new again with this easy to install, officially licensed replica replacement body! This is a standard pre-painted replacement body, exactly as it comes in the Venture...

1/10 Touring Car Bodyshells


Get precision handling and fantastic looks when you fit the Type M lightweight Race Body on your touring car! This 190mm wide lightweight bodyshell gives awesome downforce and increases traction...

1/12 Truck Bodyshells

#107322 - ミニ GT-1トラック ペイントボディ (ブラック/ブレー)

Genuine HPI spare part for ensured quality, correct maintenance and easy repairs. See below for kit compatibility.

1/18 Off Road Bodyshells

#105526 - SQUAD ONE ペイントボディー

Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. See below for kit reference.

1/18 On Road Bodyshells

#113236 - スバル WRX STI ボディー (150mm)

Now you can add your own style to the Global RallyCross grid with this clear version of the Subaru WRX STI body for the Micro RS4! 

This clear body ships with a large flexible...

Bodyshell Accessories

#107174 - アパッチC1コックピット (クリヤー)

A clear Apache C1 Desert Buggy cockpit so now you can customise your drivers with your own unique paint scheme.

Bodyshell Decals & Logos


Decorate your HPI Blitz with this mini Blitz decal set. This black vinyl decal sheet features Blitz logos in multiple sizes, along with some aggressive shark teeth in various colors, so it's ideal

Bodyshell Wings

#109159 - GTウィングセット(Fタイプ/ 1/10スケール/ブラック)

Replacement wing set for the 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR body #108370 & #109760

Small Scale Truck Bodyshells

#114710 - FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR BODY

Customize your Savage XS with the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor bodyshell. Moulded from crystal clear polycarbonate plastic for high detail, extreme durability and low weight, this is a great way to...

1/10 True Ten Bodyshells

#105019 - サイオンXBボディー(WB225mm.F0/R0mm)

The second generation SCION xB has become the go-to hauler for Generation Y with unique styling and a utilitarian layout that can easily haul people and lifestyle equipment. The new xB is bigger,...

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