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#87635 - HPI ナイトロスターター システム (Tシリーズエンジン用バックプレート付)

HPIナイトロスターTシリーズエンジン リコイル付用/7.2V ストレートタイプバッテリーと充電器が必要です。


Standard Parts

The all-new HPI Nitro Start System features a cool cordless drill style, with pistol-grip ergonomics and easy trigger activation. With a bottom compartment to hold a 7.2v stick-type battery (not included), the Nitro Start System is easier to handle and better than ever.

This Nitro Start System includes a back plate to fit on Nitro Star 'T' type engines, such as the engine included in the Nitro Monster King. This is the same Nitro Start System included with the Nitro Monster King.

Please see our Roto Start Compatibility Guide to check if this is the right Roto Start system for you.

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