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#87148 - HPI ロートスターター2システム (ロングシャフト)

HPIナイトロスターKシリーズエンジン用バックプレート/サベージ用ロングシャーシ対応スターターシャフト/7.2V ストレートタイプバッテリーと充電器が別途必要です。

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Start your vehicle quickly and easily with the updated Roto Start 2. The Roto Start 2 features a more durable case and to protect your engine it comes with a built in circuit breaker which cuts off in case of an overload (e.g. a flooded engine).

This HPI Nitro Roto Start 2 system for the K series of Nitro Star engines comes with an extra long shaft for fitting trucks like the Savage XL. 7.2V stick battery packs are not included. See below for kit reference.

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