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#725 - *スプリント 2 RTR ツーレッツァ (200mm/WB255mm)

プロポ付きメカ搭載済み完成車 1/10スケールツーリングカー、カラーリング済みボディー、フルボールベアリング、走行用バッテリー、充電器付き


Optional Parts

HPI's most popular electric club racer, the Sprint 2 is now available RTR in different versions! This means you have even more choice when selecting the perfect Sprint 2 version to meet your needs - from a fully equipped RTR version with radio gear, to the pre assembled chassis only version... The choice is yours!

The Sprint 2 is the perfect club racer and is the ideal entry into RC racing fun! It's chassis is almost indestructible and easy to drive, but also has all the racing features you need for a perfect set up on almost every racetrack. The "out of the box" settings will give you great handling straight away on almost every surface and with the fully adjustable suspension, you have control over all important settings including camber, toe in, ride height, Ackerman, springs etc. to fine tune your lap times if you wish!

Available with 4 different bodyshells, the Sprint 2 RTR will have something to suit every taste! All bodyshells are made of high quality, impact resistant polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre-cut and pre-decaled for great looks! For part numbers of all available versions see the bottom of this page.

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  • Subaru Impreza

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