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#15250 - ナイトロスターK5.9エンジン (リコイル付)

5.9cc/9.5mmコンポジットスライドキャブ/3ポート/アルミヒートシンクヘッド (ガンメタル)/後方排気/R5 プラグ

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Strap in the power! Get your Savage or Savage X up to ludicrous speed with the monster Nitro Star K5.9 engine! With nearly 4hp on tap and ground-tearing amounts of torque, there will be nothing you won't be able to climb through with this engine installed! Genuine HPI quality spare part for the Savage XL, for easy maintenance and repairs. See below for kit reference.

Specs: 3.75 horsepower 5.9cc ABC construction 3 port 39,500 RPM 9.5mm composite slide carb (12mm with 9.5mm reducer) 3-needle carb adjustment Bore: 20.5mm Stroke: 17.5mm Aluminium heat sink head (Gunmetal) 14mm SG-style crankshaft Rear exhaust R5 Glow plug

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