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#110600 - PLAZMAPRO 7.4V 4000MAH 95C LiPo ショーティー 29.6WH

2S ハイパフォーマンス LiPo ショートスティックパック ケース 4mm チューブ

The HPI PlazmaPro competition range features high-end packs designed purely for use on the race track! This 'shorty' LiPo pack fits the latest EFRA/ROAR size specifications for use in buggies and on-road racing cars. The 95C power rating will give you plenty of acceleration while the 4000mAh rating will allow you to fully utilise the power of the pack throughout a 5-minute race. This pack uses 4mm female plugs for easy fitment in all cars and a universal balancing plug for simple maintenance. 

Voltage: 7.4V 
Capacity: 4000mAh 
Current Rating: 95C for extreme high-power applications
Case Type: 'Shorty' LiPo case, sealed plastic 
Dimensions: Each pack is 95 x 46.8 x 24.8mm
Weight: 208g
Plug: 4mm plugs for easy wire configurations

Touring car racers should check out our #110601 PlazmaPro pack, a full-size pack with loads of juice for all serious racers!

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