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#104098 - HD サーボホーン HPI SF シリーズサーボ用

HPI SF シリーズサーボ用サーボホーン/25 スプライン


Increase the durability of your HPI SF-series servo with this Heavy Duty Servo Horn. Fits all servos using a 25-tooth output spline.

A direct fit on these HPI servos: #80559 HPI SF-1 SERVO (STANDARD TORQUE) #80560 HPI SF-2 SERVO (HIGH TORQUE/6.5kg-cm 6.0V) #80561 HPI SF-3 SERVO (METAL GEAR/6.5kg-cm 6.0V) #80562 HPI SF-4 SERVO (6.5kg-cm 6.0V) #80594 HPI SF-5 SERVO (METAL GEAR/8.9kg-cm 6.0V) #102784 HPI SF-10 SERVO (4.5kg-cm6.0V) (fitted as standard) #102491 HPI SF-20 SERVO (HIGH TORQUE/6.6kg-cm 6.0V) (fitted as standard) #102777 HPI SF-50 SERVO(METAL GEAR/12kg-cm6.0V) (fitted as standard) #80563 HPI SFL-10 SERVO (24.0kg-cm 6.0V) #80589 HPI SFL-10 MG SERVO (METAL GEAR/24.0kg-cm 6.0V) #102772 HPI SFL-11MG SERVO(METAL GEAR/24.7kg-cm6.0V) #101996 SB-5 SERVO (METAL GEAR/11.8kg-cm 6.0V) #102772 SFL-11MG SERVO(METAL GEAR/24.7kg-cm6.0V) #102777 SF-50 SERVO(METAL GEAR/12kg-cm6.0V) #104105 SF-10W SERVO (WATERPROOF/4.5kg-cm6.0V) #104109 SF-20W SERVO (WATERPROOF/6.6kg-cm6.0V) #105366 SF-50WP SERVO (WATERPROOF/12.0kg-cm6.0V) #80559 SF-1 SERVO (STANDARD TORQUE) #80560 HPI SF-2 SERVO (HIGH TORQUE)6V 6.5KG-CM FUTABA J CONNECTOR Note: This servo horn will not fit the HB Digital Servos, they use 23 spline output shafts

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