At the 1/8th Buggy European Championships with Teemu Leino

Thu, 7th August 2014

The European Championships for 1/8th buggy are going on now in Germany, the practice has been going good and today we start qualifying, 3 rounds of qualifying and then a couple more rounds tomorrow. We had some rain earlier in the week so that changed the track a lot and we had to change the setup because it was hard to drive but of course as it dried out the traction got better and better. 

So we're supposed to get thunderstorms on Saturday when the finals are, but right now I'm focussed on qualifying and not worrying about the weather. But if it's raining we'll see what we do, it's a big hassle to race in the rain though. 

The car is the standard D812, nothing special on it, the main thing is I'm running the old Lightning steel brakes and pads, these work really well for me. 

For the setup I try to make the car work well for the main, not trying to go for the fastest lap. 

We'll see how I go in the qualifying, the car is working really well though.

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