When you choose an HB product you can be confident that it has been refined and perfected by a team of world class racers competing at the highest level across the globe.

  • HB D812HB D812
  • D413D413
  • D8T Tessmann EditionD8T Tessmann Edition

Ty Tessmann


A longtime member of Team HB, Ty’s skills and talent at a young age were clear to anyone familiar with professional RC racing. Ty is a dominant force in off-road racing and at Team HB we are confident that we can continue to give him the equipment he needs to continue winning. Everyone at Team HB and HPI Racing would like to thank Ty for his continued commitment and congratulate him for his recent World Championship win!

  • Racing since : 2003
  • Hometown : Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • Hobbies : Downhill biking, fishing, camping, target-shooting guns, building my pre runner truck!
  • Favorite RC eventThe Thunder Alley/Proline Dual
  • Favorite full-size car’67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
  • Ty's Latest Trophies
  • ROAR 2104 Champion
  • The Dirt 15th Annual Nitro Challenge
  • 2014 Neo Champion
  • IFMAR 1:8th World Champion 2014 / 2015
  • HB R10HB R10
  • HB R8HB R8

Andy Moore

 United Kingdom

Andy has been involved in the RC car industry for over 20 years, racing in various classes from electric touring car and 1/12th scale right through to nitro off road. He has won numerous National and European championship on the way but his greatest success to date came in 2006 when he won the IFMAR Touring Car World Championship in Turin.

  • Racing since : 1993
  • Hometown : Derby, United Kingdom
  • Hobbies : Music, travelling, watching F1 and Moto GP
  • Favorite RC event : TITC in Thailand
  • Favorite full-size car : McLaren P1
  • Andy's Latest Trophies
  • iFMAR Touring Car World Champion 2008
  • EFRA European Champion
  • BRCA British Radio Car Association
  • TITC 2 x Winner
  • HB R10HB R10
  • HB R8HB R8

Jilles Groskamp


Jilles has been a top competitor on the world stage since his rise up the European rankings in the mid-1990’s. With many top results around the world, Jilles is a master of electric car setup and achieved his dream of winning the ISTC World Championship crown at the track in Holland where he began racing as a child. Jilles has also been racing nitro on-road at the highest levels for the past few years, including winning the 2013 1/8th Track IC European Champion crown.

  • Racing since : 1993
  • Hometown : Vogelenzang, The Netherlands
  • Now living in : Bangkok , Thailand
  • Hobbies : Golf and spending time with my family
  • Favorite RC event : Snowbirds
  • Favorite full-size car : Nissan GT-R
  • HB D812HB D812
  • D413D413

David Ronnefalk


David has been very successful in off-road racing at the National, European and World level, and he brings with him a wealth of skill and knowledge to Team HB. David may be only 18 years old, however the Swedish racing star already has a huge amount of racing experience that makes him a consistent threat for the top positions in every race he enters.

  • Racing since : 2004
  • Hometown : Karlskrona, Sweden
  • Hobbies : Golf, floorball, friends
  • Favorite RC event : Any of the major races such as WC, EC, Nitro Challenge, NeoRace..
  • Favorite full-size car : Ferrari has always been my favourite full-size car, but I also like Mustangs!
  • HB D812HB D812
  • D413D413

Reno Savoya


Reno is a multiple Worlds Main Finalist, 3-time European Champion, multiple French National Champion and regular feature on podiums at major races around the world. The 27-year old French racing star, nicknamed ‘The Shark’, will bring an abundance of racing experience, knowledge and racing prowess to the team, thanks to his many years of being a professional racer.

  • Racing since : 1993
  • Hometown : lyon, France
  • Hobbies : Cycling, shark diving, hiking
  • Favorite RC event : Cnetic challenge in Indonesia
  • Favorite full-size car : Old school US muscle car
  • HB R10HB R10
  • HB R8HB R8

Adrien Bertin


A multiple IFMAR World Champion and EFRA European Champion covering both major nitro on-road racing classes, Adrien Bertin also leads the development of CRF racing engines for Team Orion in addition to maintaining a busy racing schedule. Based in Switzerland, Adrien is present at every major nitro on and off-road race around the world, so he’s always on top of the latest trends in nitro racing and engine development – making him a highly valued member of Team HB!

  • Racing since : 1988
  • HometownSaint-Martin-en-Haut, France
  • Hobbies : Too busy!
  • Favorite RC event : The Neo
  • Favorite full-size car : Subaru WRX STI
  • Adrien's Career Achievements
  • EFRA European Champion
  • iFMAR 1:8th IC Track World Champion 1999
  • iFMAR 1:10th IC Track World Champion 2004
  • HB R10HB R10
  • HB D812HB D812
  • HB R8HB R8

Teemu Leino


Teemu one of the most well-respected touring car racers in Europe, coming after a career that has led him to podium positions at the Worlds and several European Championships, a European Championship win and major victories at races such as the TITC, IIC and LRP Touring Car Masters. Teemu is also super-quick with a nitro car, earning a TQ at the 2012 Worlds with the HB R10 as well as racing the HB D812 in the European Championships.

  • Racing since : 1992
  • Hometown : Espoo, Finland
  • Hobbies : Golf
  • Favorite RC event : Any IFMAR World Championships
  • Favorite full-size car : Audi R8

Freddy Sudhoff


Freddy Südhoff is one of the fastest racers in his in native Germany and in recent years has performed extremely well at major races around the world, getting into the top ten at races like the Euro Touring Series races, European Championships, IIC in Las Vegas, LRP TCM, DHI Cup and of course German Championship races. The 25-year old racer is always a contender for the A Final and maintains his composure no matter how much pressure he is under.

  • Racing since : 2000
  • Hometown : Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Hobbies : Badminton, Ski/ Snowboarding, travelling
  • Favorite RC event : IIC Vegas, ETS finals at Hudy Arena
  • Favorite full-size car : Ferrari LaFerrari
  • D413D413

JJ Wang


One of the most exciting racers in Asia and now competing all over the world, JJ Wang, a teenager with the will to win and the skills to match. The Chinese National Champion in 1/10th and 1/8th nitro on-road classes, JJ races the HB TCXX as well and represents HB / HPI with a goal to become a World Champion one day!

  • Racing since : 2005
  • Hometown : Shanghai, China
  • Hobbies : Funny movies, F1 & baseball
  • Favorite RC event : Byron Challenge
  • Favorite full-size car : Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
  • HB D812HB D812
  • D413D413

Drew Moller


Drew Moller is one of the up-and-coming future stars of off-road RC, and at just 18 has already taken major race wins and TQ positions in the United States, ahead of some of the world’s fastest racers. His skill and experience on the track has proven itself time and again, and HB-HPI Racing are proud to be able to offer him a full range of off-road racing vehicles with which to show off his driving skills.

  • Racing since : 2007
  • Hometown : Torrance, CA
  • Hobbies : golfing, surfing, and R/C car racing
  • Favorite RC event : The Dirt Nitro Challenge
  • Favorite full-size car : Nissan S13
  • HB D812HB D812
  • D8T Tessmann EditionD8T Tessmann Edition

Tanner Stees


Tanner has spent 10 years racing nitro off road and the past 4 years racing 1/10th scale off road. He continues to improve at the national level with all his HPI / HB vehicles. Watch out for Tanner at a major RC event near you in the future!

  • Racing since : 2005
  • Hometown : Chandler, Arizona USA
  • Hobbies : Airsoft, paintball, real shooting sports
  • Favorite RC event : ROAR 1/8 Offroad Fuel Nats
  • Favorite full-size car : Ferrari 599xx

Some photos used courtesy of redrc.net and neobuggy.net

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